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Although Nevada and New Mexico might be known as the UFO hotspots of the world, these new maps show that maybe we've been looking for aliens in the all the wrong places.

Although there are many sightings in these states, there appears to many, many more on the US Eastern Seaboard as well as in mainland Europe. The maps, created by data analysis blogger Levi Pearson, show every single official UFO sighting since 1933 - when the phenomenon first appeared. Check them out below:

The number of UFO sightings increased dramatically from the 1940s to 1960s, although there could be a rather simple explanation for all of this.

Last year, the CIA claimed their U2 spy plane program was likely to take credit for almost half of the UFO sightings reported in 1950s.

Indeed, it is rather odd that the explosion in UFO sightings happened at exactly the same time that civil and military aviation also became commonplace. Add to this the fact the science fiction genre also developed during this period, and I think we can see what many of these UFO sightings were. As these maps show, many of the UFO sightings occur in places which feature heavy air traffic.

Despite this, it seems even airline pilots themselves might believe in UFOs. According to Andrew Danziger, a veteran pilot with 28 years of experience, virtually all pilots believe in UFOs of some kind. He personally claims to have encountered a strange craft on at least one occasion, explaining to The New York Daily News:

It looked similar to the moon faintly visible through thin fog, except the two were visible at the same time on opposite sides of our cockpit. While neither of us had any idea what we had saw one thing we were certain of, it wasn't from here.

It seems a bit strange that he can have no idea what he saw, but still be convinced about where it supposedly came from, but maybe that's just the sceptic in me talking.

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