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Director Jose Padilha - the man behind last year's surprisingly impressive Robocop reboot - has set to work on his next ambitious project titled Mindcorp, and you're gonna wanna put this one on your watch-list.

The science fiction project is based on the director's own unpublished short story, which he's developing into a screenplay with the help of writer Dwain Worrell, who recently sold his script 'The Wall' to Amazon Studios.

Robocop (2014)
Robocop (2014)

Little is currently known about Mindcorp, other than the fact it'll be an intense high concept thriller about mind-body experimentation, following a priest who finds himself responsible for the ultimate future of mankind.

Judging by Padilha's treatment of cinema's most famous cyborg-law-enforcer, the movie will likely center on similar themes on what it means to be human, exploring where the boundaries blur between man and machine. To get an idea of the filmmaker's unique style, check out some of his previous badass work below:

Padilha's also well-known for helming such Brazilian thrillers as Elite Squad and Bus 174. Though they're not so well known stateside, these little gems are well worth checking out for fans of crime thrillers.

Mindcorp is expected to arrive in theaters in 2017.

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