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The high priest of Twitter mysticism has an important message to deliver to us all about gendered clothing and he has done so in a typically demure and understated manner.

After sharing on Instagram that he went to Topshop to buy some 'girl clothes' and implying that clothes for both genders are really the same, Jaden has been sharing his new found penchant for dresses in both Tweets and snaps.

The middle Smith child (yep there's another one - looks like we forgot about Trey) was papped wearing one of his new frocks on Friday and exuding confidence while doing it.

Knowing the Topshop look intimately, I give Jaden's bead-skirted debut a four out of 10, but I have high hopes for the future.

The 16-year-old actor/singer/professional Will Smith's son seems to imply that this won't be a one time event by commenting on his other dress related adventured on Twitter:

While I am totally cool with Jaden experimenting with his clothes (what 16-year-old doesn't), I feel like this spring chicken could do with some pointers from his forefathers on how to truly rock a frock.

I'm just going to leave this inspiration here in case you're watching, Jaden.


Jaden Smith's new look: Hot or not?

Source: Dlisted


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