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Every single year, the MTV Movie Awards provides us with ample gossip, gorgeous gowns, incredible talent, and show-stoppingly amazing couples. Over the decades, a countless number of lovers have walked the red carpet together.

Relive the affection and beautiful moments the following 11 couples shared and look on with forlorn abandon at the ones that never ended up working out.

1. Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller

When? 2013

Aww, they are so adorable!

2. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

When? 2012

I think these two are perfect for each other so these recent break-up rumors are heart-breaking. I hope it's not true...

3. Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron

When? 2010

The two High School Musical sweet-hearts totally looked the part too.

4. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling

When? 2005

Oh, weren't they just perfect?

5. Victoria and David Beckham

When? 2003

Amazing. Just look at that corset dress and the diamante cross necklaces that Becks is wearing.

6. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

When? 2011

This was back in the day when he hadn't experienced his teenage growth spurt yet and when Selena was taller than him. Cute!

7. Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale

When? 2001

These two are still going strong together, over 14 years later!

8. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan

When? 2014

Slick in black, these two know how to make an entrance.

9. Alanis Morissette and Ryan Reynolds

When? 2003

So back in the day, this definitely happened.

10. Kat Grahan and Cottrell Guidry

When? 2014

Lookin' bad-ass. That's all I have to say about that.



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