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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

The MTV Movie Awards is a stalwart of the entertainment industry, the younger take on the Academy Awards and a chance for some great star moments.

However, the MTV Movie Awards red carpet has fallen victim to some bizarre outfits over the years - check out 5 of the worst offenders!

1. Bai Ling

Pointy boobs? Check. Enormous dragon shoulder piece? Check. Skirt made of some kind of feathers? Check. Getting dressed is fun when you're Bai Ling.

2. Sacha Baron Cohen

Okay, so he was in character as Bruno, but that's all the leopard print man crotch I'm ever gonna need.

3. Lil' Kim

Possibly one of Lil' Kim's more demure and sophisticated outfits, actually.

4. Jim Carrey

I'm not sure why Jim Carrey decided to wear this ensemble made of a thousand dreamcatchers but at least it distracts attention from his paint-spattered jeans and overgrown face fuzz...

5. Grumpy Cat

A grumpy cat in a grumpy hat? However bonkers accessorizing your feline is, this crazy outfit is actually kind of awesome...

Sources: MTV, The Daily Mail


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