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The company is set to make a smart watch named as The Netflix Smart Watch in the coming times.

The wearable device market is a very big market in technology these days. Every other tech giant wishes to enter and rule over the market, as there are no dominant forces yet. Apple started the trend of wearable devices in technology apart from the conventional and traditional wristwatches. The US-based company planned to offer technology on the wrists of users. Other tech companies also started to follow the footprints of Apple, such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Pebble, and Motorola etc. Netflix, the online streaming services giant, now has plans to add up to the list.

Recently, Netflix, Inc. is focused to grow its business. It has been looking after recent expansions and launches. In the past few weeks, its major motivation was on the successful launch of its services in Australia and New Zealand, and it surely delivered what was expected from the streaming giant. Now, it has shifted its focus to the wearable devices market.

According to rumors, it is believed that the company wants to develop a Netflix oriented smartwatch for its users. It understands that with the help of smartwatch, companies offer technology on users’ wrists. The same is the ideology of the streaming giant, as it plans to launch its wearable device in the coming times.

Analysts say that the company’s smartwatch will be the only thing users would want. It is known and obvious that with Netflix or any other online video streaming service provider, viewers spend most of their daily hours watching movies and TV shows. The online service also understands that the users watch TV and online movies for the sake of entertainment. Consequently, it introduced the concept of Netflix watch.

USA today reports, “The company released a video poking fun at the smartwatch market with its own spoof wearable dubbed The Netflix Watch. It is basically a smartphone with a watch strap. ‘It's the vast world of Netflix right on your wrist,’ the narrator proclaims.”

Netflix writes in a statement, “Not only do you get a clear picture, quality streaming, and your favorite shows and movies, but it also isn’t THAT inconvenient.” Watching full-length feature movies on TV screens or smartphones and tablets seems to be fine but streaming online video content on tiny smartwatches, such as Apple Watch, is foolish. Therefore, the service provider is all set to offer convenience to its customers by making a smartwatch totally designed to watch latest online movies and TV shows. The company’s plan was to captivate the whole world with its services and not only the places where its service is available. Hence, it is on the road to achieve it.


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