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*Warning: this review may contain some spoilers*

Outlast is a downloadable survival horror game for Xbox 1. I was extremely surprised how cheap it was to purchase and how it's only 4 or 5 hours of gameplay. The game is challenging however- so expect it to take longer than 4-5 hours!

Outlast will make your skin crawl from the very beginning as you slowly drive your Jeep up the eerie, foggy driveway. You are Miles Upshur, a journalist who is trying to expose the evil work of the Murkoff Cooperation as they secretly re-opened Mount Massive Asylum after its closure where they are conducting evil and unethical mind-controlling experiments on patients, who end up lurking around the shadows of the hospital, waiting to hunt and chase you. Your only chance of survival is to run or hide. You have no weapons; Miles is armed only with his trusty video camera which records the expose and assists his vision in pitch black rooms as he makes his way through the horrid buildings. But beware: the camera drains the battery life extra fast when you utilize the night mode setting for those creepy moments.

The game consists of searching for illuminated documents, completing objectives (to eventually escape the asylum), collecting life-saving camera batteries, hiding in grimy lockers and under rusty old beds and inconsistently getting the living daylights scared out of you. Not every door has an action ability- if you try to jiggle open a door which didn't have an action appear, you will make noise, thus leaving you vulnerable to your enemies. Running and climbing is not always the best escape- stealth and patience and creeping is sometimes the better option to evade a villain.

During gameplay when an enemy is nearing, Miles' breathing gets faster and his heart beats louder and louder as he hides and waits, making you feel like you are literally there in Mount Massive! Not all enemies are scripted- some are simply pacing up and down and others will change their direction, depending on what end of the corridor you crept in or how much of the game you have completed.

The suspense makes you shiver...the minute you feel calm or think you are safe, Outlast will make you jump a mile out of your skin whilst giving you heart palpitations!

Along with Outlast, Red Barrels also have created a 2-3 hour expansion called Outlast: Whistleblower- which had just as much gore, terror, suspense, fear and adventure as the first! The story continues from the first part: you need to escape from the deep underground secret lab you end up at (spoiler alert!) at the end of Outlast. You are still trying to get your story exposed to the public to destroy and hopefully put and end Murkoff's evil operation.

Once you understand the objectives and get your bearings, Outlast and Outlast Whistleblower is a game you don't want to miss out on playing- especially if horror survival is your style!

I have never played a game with so much vigilance or felt so much suspense! The graphics are 10/10, the story line is 10/10. The game having been set at Mount Massive Asylum is the absolute ideal location for this horrifying, no escape, spine tingling survival game!

BEWARE! Do not play this game late at night, home alone or before you go to sleep! Otherwise...good luck and remember- don't try to fight!


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