ByKimberly Davis, writer at

Has anyone been to Aradale Lunatic Asylum? If not, it's a location you need to mark on your bucket list! Located in the western Victorian region of Ararat, Aradale Lunatic Asylum or Aradale Mental Hospital was once home to thousands of mentally ill patients from 1865 to 1998. It was the biggest of three lunacy hospitals in Victoria (Kew Cottages, Mayday Hills at Beechworth and Aradale). Today it stands abandoned, empty and inoperative...however it still houses the mentally the supernatural way! Aradale conducts eerie night tours throughout the whole year- an event you don't want to miss if haunted locations is your idea of a great night out!

Aradale has also featured on the television show "Haunting Australia" where a group of paranormal investigators explored the asylum and focused the notorious "male ward"- which is known to be one of the most haunted areas of the hospital...I too felt pure terror and hostility in this part and couldn't shake the feeling of being watched...

A truly, spooky and exciting location, you have to visit Aradale Asylum if you want to experience a haunted night to remember!


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