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The Vampire Diaries has been all about Delena for so many seasons that it's almost impossible to imagine the eldest Salvatore hunk hooking up with anyone else, but now Elena's days are numbered, it's an idea that us fans should get used to.

Knowing how 'ship' based [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) is, it's unthinkable that the ever desirable Damon will be on his lonesome for long, but who is the most likely candidate to fall into his muscular arms?

Check out the possibilities below and vote on who you think could be Damon's hot new date in the future.


Team Bamon could barely conceal their excitement when Nina Dobrev announced she was leaving the show, but could their passion for seeing Damon and Bonnie get together come to fruition?

This would be a controversial decision that would split the fandom in two, but I have a feeling that the writers are going to be looking to create as much drama as possible to keep us hooked on the show.

Bonnie wouldn't be a totally left-field choice for fans of the Vampire Diaries novels either, in the books Bonnie was the only character apart from Elena who built a deep and meaningful relationship with Damon.


Anyone who was around from Season 1 will shudder at the idea of this, and I have to admit that I am right there with you guys!

Caroline and Damon have already been a deeply dysfunctional couple, but that doesn't mean that some fans aren't willing to give them another chance with each other.

Caroline might be deeply in love (well, as in love as you can be with no emotions!) with Stefan right now, but there is no denying that her falling for Damon would cause a lot of drama...The problem is, it's drama we have kind of already seen before with Elena.

A Brand New Character

New characters don't tend to last too long in Mystic Falls, so this could end in yet more heartbreak for Damon, but it's likely that we will be getting a dump truck of new characters delivered for Season 7.

Shunting Damon into a romance with an unknown character has the benefit of not ruffling as many fandom feathers as him getting together with Bonnie or Caroline, but they better work hard on the writing.

Damon falling for a poorly developed new character would be deeply unpopular and could also be construed as disrespectful to Elena. Nobody wants that.

A Belle from the Book

As Bustle rightly pointed out, there is a book character who could be perfect for Damon who hasn't hit the CW show just yet.

Fans of the novels will remember Meredith Sulez, Elena's friend who is ironically, identical in appearance to Elena in the TV show. Meredith isn't afraid of vampires and Damon certainly seems to have a lot of respect for her.

Meredith is impervious to Damon's charms and maybe this challenge could make her an irresistible love interest for the vampire who is used to getting his own way.

It would be simple to write a storyline explaining why Meredith has been away from Mystic Falls for so long and the added dynamic of her meeting her long lost friend Bonnie would be a great touch.


Of course, there is the possibility that Damon is so heartbroken from losing Elena that he just chooses to go it alone for a large majority of Season 7.

Good luck fighting the eligible bachelorettes off though, Damon!


Who do you think Damon will end up dating?

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