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I love Harry potter, batman, cosplay, game of thrones, and most of all, even more game of thrones.

Now, obviously as nerds, we are all excited for the next instalment of the Star Wars series. But there has been some spoilers. And today, we are going to reveal one of those spoilers. Get prepared.

I am warning you, if you don't want to know, now is the time to look away.

You sure?


Disney.... Are killing off.... HAN SOLO!!!!

Yes, thats right i did warn you. If you are surprised and wondering why, then simply, read ahead.

Now, in the first scene that they shot with Han in it, it was a rough terrain, and seen as he is so old and weak since the last movies, he broke his ankle walking on set. That's right. He broke his ankle.

Now, he is going to be in a couple of scenes that they already shot with Han in it BEFORE he broke his ankle, but then you would imagine that the scene of him dying is going to have to be with a broken ankle.

Ouch. Do you think these rumours are true? Let me know in the comments.


Other potential spoilers?


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