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The idea was simple, to make a portrait of the three great Villains from Burton's Batman : The Joker, the Penguin and Catwoman

I loved the way Tim Burton made his Villains : Very colorfoul, but in the same time, melancholic. Kind of sad clowns, with their own dramatic story that lead them to be what they are now...

I drawed the characters with ink and then designed the rest with Photoshop.


Jack Napier (played by the perfect Nicholson) is maybe the most charismatic villain (no need to talk about this ridiculous fight against him and Heather's Joker, they're simply irrelevant). The idea of a playing card for his portrait came naturally (and seemed very obvious). I loved his curious hat he wore in the movie, so I decided to draw him with it.


I like this portrait of Catwoman, showing the two faces of her personality : One shy and clumsy and the other sexy, feline and fatal. Both are a sort of resonse to a men's world.

Of course the logo of the Shreck's company fitted well for this portrait, because it's a cat yes, but also because she dies by crashing of the building.


Oswald is definitely my favorite Villain from the Burton's movies. Beside the great theme Danny Elfman composed for him and the wonderful acting of De Vito (the role fits him like a glove), the Penguin is certainly the most melancholic and the deepest character of all, the one who has almost everything in common with Batman.

The famous baby intro of the movie is absolutely amazing (here again thanks to the great work of Danny Elfman), that's why I thought it would be the perfect scene for this portrait.

I had the idea to make the other Villains protraits ( Jim Carrey, Tommy Lee Jones etc...), but I don't know if it's worth it.

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