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Growing up, I had an awesome childhood with a plethora of tv shows I loved to watch as a kid. Although when I got older, I begin to question what is hiding from these shows that I didn't see before when I was small. What are these shows hiding from the public eye that no one else noticed before when we were kids?

Without further of due here are 15 Childhood Conspiracy theories that will blow your mind and be warned, it might ruin your childhood.

1. The Smurfs Theory

This theory of the lovely classic claims that The Smurfs have representation to racial innuendos. How can this be you asked? Let's take a look at some of the evidence provided here:

  • The creator of the show Pierre Culliford aka "Peyo" was born in Belgium in 1928 and grew up during Nazi occupation.
  • Gargamel has a big nose and a money hungry attitude; these characteristics represent a stereotypical Jew. Not to mention he has a cat named Azrael who has a Jewish name meaning the angel of death.
  • In Season 1 episode 3 of The Smurfs, Papa Smurf was shown to salute the Smurfs saying "All for Smurf and Smurf for all" and the others join in. Now take a closer look at the salute, it's the same salute that the Nazis would use to hail Hitler.
  • In one comic strip of The Smurfs, it shows them getting a disease where it turns them black and made them speak in monosyllabic grunts.
  • The Smurfs are wearing all white, like the members of the Klu Klux Klan, except for Papa Smurf who wears red just like the KKK leaders would wear.
  • Lastly, one of the Smurfs Smurfette represents Aryan perfection; where people born with blue eyes and blonde hair are the more superior race.

2. Dr. Claw is the real Inspector Gadget

Everyone loves or has at least heard of the cartoon Inspector Gadget in their lives. Inspector Gadget is about a police officer who is also a robot who fights crime and always manages to foil Dr. Claw's plans. However, we don't ever see Dr. Claws real face. In one popular fan theory, the reason why we don't see his face is because he is the REAL Inspector Gadget...What the fu-

In theory, Inspector Gadget is actually a robotic version of Dr. Claw who was once a normal human detective but was said to have died in a terrible accident. That's where his niece Penny comes in, out of grief she recreated her uncle as a crime-fighting robot. Now, the real Inspector Gadget never died but survived yet it left him disfigured and insane. However, even though Dr. Claw's cronies kidnap Penny in almost every episode, she never really gets hurt, being the only thing that he still cares for.

3. Adventure Time Takes Places in a Post-Apocalyptic World

The whole setting in the popular Cartoon Network show Adventure Time takes place in the Land of Ooo in a post-apocalyptic world, which is true based on the creators of the show. It takes place 1,000 years after the Mushroom War that annihilated humanity but the chemicals from the nuclear war caused new creatures to appear. There is also more on the theory itself:

  • Finn is the last human on Earth
  • Marceline the Vampire Queen, and the Ice King are survivors of the Mushroom War.
  • In the opening title it shows different pieces of things that were once part of human civilization; a broken tv, sword, 3 nukes from the Mushroom War, a severed arm in a tree.

And the list goes on. However, in one prominent episode "I Remember You" it shows the world completely destroyed when Marceline was only a kid, who was taken in by the Ice King.

4. Cosmo and Wanda represent anti-depressants

According to one theorist from Reddit, in the Fairly Odd Parents, Cosmo and Wanda are metaphors for Zoloft and Prozac. They are there to help Timmy with his problems, they're only there for as long as Timmy needs them. Also if he were to misuse their "magic" there are serious consequences.

5. The KND Theory

The main characters of Codename: Kids Next Door in Sector 5 represent 5 kids who died in different situations and their personalities shaped the characters in the show:

  • Numbah 5 was based off a girl who lived in Philadelphia with her abusive mother while her father wasn't around due to him being a working jazz musician, she died when he mother threw her out a window and she fell 5 stories to her death.
  • Numbah 4 was based off a boy who was the son of a boxing champion who turned to a life of crime after his father died from brain damage from his championship match. He was stabbed by a gang member while getting himself into a fight with one of them.
  • Numbah 3 was based off a girl who was kidnapped by an unknown man who was sexually assaulted and murdered. Her bloody head was left on the pavement where there was drawings of rainbows and monkeys.
  • Numbah 2 was based off a boy whom his older sister was jealous of because he got all of the attention. He died after he ate a piece of cake laced with cyanide from his sister.
  • Numbah 1 was based off a boy who lost his parents in a car accident and was suffering from cancer while looking after his little brothers. Before he succumbed to his illness, his finally words to his brothers were "Great work, team."

6. The My Little Pony Theory

In this theory, all the main characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic represent 6 girls who went to the same school and died on the same day:

  • Fluttershy was Samantha Gales, a shy and kind girl who committed suicide after years of abuse from her mother and stepfather.
  • Rarity was Janice Walters, a beautiful rich girl who died in a car crash when her parents were arguing about money.
  • Rainbow Dash was Alexandra Matthews, a star athlete who died of heart complications after taking steroids.
  • Apple Jack was Jamie Sanders, a farm girl whose family was going through tough times who died when she fell into a wood chipper.
  • Pinkie-Pie was Katherine Jackson, a foster child who went insane and died when she jumped off a building when one of the voices told her she could fly. Although what's creepier was at one point, Lauren Faust created her as a Pegasus before finalizing her as an Earth Pony.
  • Finally, Twilight Sparkle was Cynthia Little, an academic star student who cheated on a test to get into an advanced school and out of her depression she hung herself to avoid the shame of being an imperfect child.

The reason why Lauren Faust created the show was to give the girls closure and have their personalities live on. To this day, the souls of the girls are happy.

7. Spongebob and the 7 Deadly Sins

In this theory the seven main characters of Spongebob each represent a common deadly sin:

  • Squidward is Wrath which is why he's always angry all the time.
  • Pride is Sandy, she is proud of what she is and where she comes from.
  • Sloth is Patrick, which is the inability to do work or just plain laziness.
  • Greed is Mr. Krabs, he cares more about money more than anything else in the world.
  • Plankton is Envy which is why he is always jealous of Mr. Krabs' success and tries to find many ways to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula.
  • Gluttony is Gary, a running gag is shown throughout the show where Spongebob would say, "Don't forget to feed Gary" and "I gotta to go feed Gary" assuming he eats a lot.
  • Spongebob is the sin of lust which is giving love to things living and non-living.

8. Powerpuff Girls: Imagination Theory

Here's a question to ponder on, what if the Powerpuff Girls weren't superheroes at all, but was pretending to be to escape a horrid reality they live in? In this theory, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are just normal kindergarteners, and each character represented real people in their lives:

  • Mojo Jojo was their older step-brother who was sexually interested in them
  • Sedusa was the girls' step-mother who would often abuse the girls whenever the Professor wasn't around.
  • Fuzzy Lumpkins was a strange neighbor next door who loved to pull pranks on the girls.
  • The Gang Green Gang were a group of teenagers who would often play along with the girls and would go along with their imagination.
  • HIM was the girls' uncle and the brother of Professor Utonium. The reason why he is evil is because he is a homosexual, and the Professor was really against it, saying homosexuality is the devil's work. He also never calls him by his real name and told the girls to stay away from "him"
  • The mayor is the girls' grandfather, who would play pretend with the girls and would pretend to call them for help and thanking them for saving the day.

9. The Recess Conspiracy Theory

This theory explains that the characters of the 3rd street school playground are actually ghosts who haunt the playground. Each character died in different parts of history.

  • TJ died after being hit by a police car in the 1930s during a student walk out, his spirit teaches kids how to stand up for their rights.
  • Mikey died in the early 1940s after dying of a heart attack from eating himself into a coma at the age of nine.
  • Spinelli died in a fight in the mid 1940s and is the bodyguard of the group
  • Randall died in the 1950s after being shot by an unknown bystander who was beating up a defenseless 2nd grader and told the Principle
  • Gus died on New Years in the early 1960s after being beaten by the neighborhood bullies
  • The Ashleys and the Tylers died in the late 1960s after being murdered by a serial killer
  • Gretchen died in the 1970s after she committed suicide in a fit of rage after losing to Becky Benson in a Science Fair
  • Diggers Sam and Dave died in the 1980s after finding a coal mine on school grounds.
  • Vince died in the 1990s in a mental asylum for trying to commit suicide
  • King Bob died in the 2000s after being killed by one of the inmates in the 4th Street Correctional Facility.

10. Pinky and the Brain: Pinky is the REAL genius and The Brain is insane

Everyone knows the tv show Pinky and the Brain yes? It was a classic tv series that aired on Nickelodeon as part of the Animaniacs in the 1990s. However there is a theory questioning: What if Pinky is the real genius and the Brain is just mentally insane with him wanting to take over the world?

Not to mention a pattern in each episode that goes like this: Brain comes up with an idea, Pinky makes an observation, but Brain ignores it. Pinky ends up being right and the Brain's plan fails.

Here are some examples showing Pinky's hidden genius side:

  • In the opening scene, the theme song goes "One is the genius, the other insane" however, they don't mention which is which and Pinky's name is first in the title.
  • In the second episode, Brain makes a robot suit to compete in Jeopardy, but loses because he didn't know the answer to the question that Pinky answered correctly.
  • Pinky can read yet Brain can't spell his own name.
  • Finally, in the episode "That Smarts" Brain makes a machine to find out what makes his plans fail. At first it says, it's all Pinky's fault, so Brain makes a smart machine to turn him into a genius. But Pinky's personality doesn't change at all, instead he finds an error in Brain's calculations and the real reason why his plans fail is because of Brain himself.

Overall, it shows that his smart machine never worked just like his other inventions and Pinky took this opportunity to reveal his true self to Brain for awhile.

11. Winnie The Pooh

In this theory about the loveable silly ol bear that we know and love, every single character is based off of a common psychiatric disorder according to the Canadian Medical Association:

  • Pooh has an eating disorder hence why he likes to eat so much honey.
  • Piglet has Generalized Anxiety Disorder where he has a constant fear of everything.
  • Owl has Narcissistic Personality Disorder where he believes he's the smartest animal.
  • Tigger has ADHD where he's constantly hyper and can't seem to focus or stay still for a long time.
  • Rabbit has OCD, which is why he is so orderly and obsessive.
  • Eeyore obviously has depression which is why he's always so bleak on life and never shows signs of happiness or excitement.
  • Kanga Roo has Social Anxiety Disorder, she is very overprotective of her son, and would never let Roo make his own decisions.
  • Finally, the mastermind behind these characters is Christopher Robin who can see and communicate with Pooh and his friends since he has Schizophrenia.

12. Ed Edd and Eddy: The Purgatory Theory

Everyone knows about the popular tv show Ed Edd n Eddy from Cartoon Network, it was filled with laughs and talked about the misadventures of the kids in the cul-de-sac. However, like the Recess Conspiracy theory, the kids in the show are all dead and their souls reside in the cul-de-sac which is purgatory:

  • Rolf died a farmer in the 1900s
  • Johnny died in the 1920s when owning a piece of wood as a friend was reasonably
  • Eddy died during the Great Depression, hence why he's so obsessed with money
  • Ed and Sarah died in a car crash in the 1950s during the time when women were getting stronger and monster movies and comic books were popular
  • Nazz died a flower girl in the 1970s, much less regard to her parents
  • Double D on the other hand, had strict parents, he died in the 1980s along with them when one of his experiments went wrong
  • Kevin died on the way to the hospital, after being beaten by his abusive father in the 1990s
  • Jimmy died of Leukemia in 2000 and was never seen around with the other kids of the cul-de-sac.
  • Finally, The Kanker Sisters are demons, sent from hell to torment the souls of those who never made it to heaven. They possess abilities far beyond human lore such as appearing anyway instantly and can change their sizes.

13. The Rugrats theory

You all saw this one coming huh? In this theory, it shows that The Rugrats never really happened but were only a figment of Angelica's imagination.

Chuckie died a long time ago with his mom, that's why Chaz is a nervous wreck all the time. While in Paris, he marries a hooker named Kira who had a daughter named Kimi, but was torn away from her by law due to her cocaine addiction. Tommy was a stillborn, which is why Stu is in the basement making toys for the son who never had a chance to live, the DeVilles had an abortion and Angelica didn't know if it was a girl or a boy, thus creating the twins Phil and Lil.

As for Angelica, she was a schizophrenic and a crack baby. Her biological mother died when she was only a baby and Drew married a gold digging whore whom Angelica idolized fooling herself into believing that she was her real mom. Although, she always had a concept of what her real mother looked like through a doll she carried around; Cynthia.

Now there are two Rugrats who existed; Dil and Susie. Angelica would hit Dil frequently causing him to have a brain deformation. As for Susie, she was Angelica's only friend who was entertained by Angelica's creations because she knew how much they mean to her. When Angelica died of an overdose at 13, Susie got together with Nickelodeon and created The Rugrats, in memory of her friend.

14. Pokemon: Ash is in a coma

Personally, I love Pokemon, well the old school Pokemon when it was epic and kick-ass. However, have you ever wondered...why is Ash the same age that he's been at since Season 1 in the Kanto saga? In one theory, Ash's life was normal up until he gets striked by lightening while ride his bike and everything else we see in the 700+ episodes of the Pokemon series is nothing but the dreams Ash is dreaming inside his head. It's because, the REAL Ash Ketchum is in a coma.

This explains why the characters never age and why the Pokemon world is more idealistic rather than reality. Each character represented different aspects of his life. For instance, Brock represents Ash's repressed sexuality, Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny represent a safety net or an anchor, allowing him to feel safe no matter what, and the list goes on. It's an interesting theory and a long read but you will find it mind-blowing.

15. Totoro is the God of Death

My Neighbor Totoro has been my all-time favorite children's movie when I was a kid and still is to this day. Yet this theory about the adorable Totoro just really gets to you for all of the otakus out there. Here are some points in the theory that will probably make you think twice about the movie:

  • It is rumored that Totoro represents the God of Death; whomever sees Totoro is actually close to death or already dead.
  • In one scene, Mei goes missing and a sandal is found by a pond, saying that Mei actually drowned. When Satsuki was asked about the sandal, she hides that fact that it's her sister's and lies saying it's not hers.
  • Satsuki goes to find Totoro to open the realm to the dead, reunites with her dead sister and together they go to their mother's hospital.
  • Finally, in the ending scene, Mei and Satsuki were seen sitting in a tree and some say that they don't have shadows.

Can't say some of us would see Totoro the same way ever again...

Which of these Conspiracy Theories got to you the most???


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