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Now for me, I am a horror movie fanatic but this one horror movie really shook me to the bone when I first watched it almost to the point where I could barely sleep for five days. Although this movie wasn't the first thing I saw, it actually came from another source.

Before I go into detail of how I came across the movie and my review on it, I will give you a bit of information about the movie itself. Begotten is an experimental horror film that was written, produced and directed by E. Elias Merhige in 1990. This movie deals with the story of Genesis but re-imaging it in this grotesque yet appealing artistic fashion. Now the movie didn't make a lot of money in the box office with only making $33,000 but it is one movie that every horror fan such as myself should know about. Now for the review on the movie itself:

About two years ago, I was watching videos on Youtube I came across a video by Youtuber blameitonjorge The Top 10 Scariest Creepypastas, watching the video, in between transitions, it showed a clip of a man bleeding, spitting up blood and shaking sporadically. After watching the video, I decided to investigate and see what the movie was. In the comments section, someone mentioned that the name of the movie was called Begotten.

The next day, I searched for the movie on Youtube and the full movie came up and I began to watch it. The beginning of the movie looked like something from the old horror movies from back in the 1920s; black and white, silence but only with the sound of crickets and music. Then it gets fucked up, literally to where I couldn't stop the film but continue watching it. Here were some things from the movie itself that is labeled as a messed up but a beautiful visual of art in Begotten:

  • In the beginning of the movie, it shows a man who represents God disemboweling himself using a straight razor.
  • After God dies, Mother Earth appears from his dead corpse and for some creepy reason arouses the dead body of God.
  • She uses his semen and impregnates herself.
  • After some time, her pregnancy manifest into a convulsing grown man whom she leaves to his own devices.
  • Son of Earth is taken by faceless nomads who view him as their new God
  • Mother Earth appears again and is violated by the faceless nomads and is killed.
  • Son of Earth mourns over her lifeless body then Son of Earth is killed and dismembered where his remains along with Mother Earth is buried; the burial site is now lush with flowers

Yes, creepy I know but with something as creepy as Begotten, I don't know any other horror movie that could literally shock my subconscious. Yet, when you really get into the film, it does get a bit boring as it continues to drag on for some time. Overall, not a bad independent horror film and worth to watch if you have a stomach for it. If you would like to see this movie for yourself, go right on ahead but be warned, it might creep you out.


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