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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

Like the greatest mystery movies, some photos just leave us wondering. They're from another time, another place, and though that one moment has been pinned down, we'll never know quite what was happening...

These bizarre images are sometimes even slightly beautiful, although they will never be fully understood...

1. Nuclear Fallout?

Totally legit explanation: This kid was on her way to a Halloween party when an A-bomb went off.

2. We Have The Boy

Totally legit explanation: The Night Men came and took the child away.

3. A Merry Trio

Totally legit explanation: These two musicians were wanted criminals, evading law enforcement by donning cunning disguises.

4. Bigfoot Returns

Totally legit explanation: This guy's wookie costume went through the wash on the wrong setting, and he's planning to use this stretching tool to restore it to its former glory.

5. Take Me To Your Photographer

Totally legit explanation: ALIENS.

6. The Men in the Iron Masks

Totally legit explanation: Early Daft Punk tribute band.

7. Giddy Up!

Totally legit explanation: Riding a rocking horse is how you escape from an army of tethered men.

8. Coneheads

Totally legit explanation: They just really, really like wearing cones, because they have ice cream inside.

9. Face Painting

Totally legit explanation: Tired of their father's lack of affection, the children drew him a new, kinder face on his balding pate.

10. Great Parenting!

Totally legit explanation: This is the only known child to have survived being raised by gators.

Sources: Imgur, Fffffound, Flickr


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