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As far as news scoops go, a recent one for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie doesn't give us all that much information. But I guess when you're talking about Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman movie - information about what she'll be wearing can pique some interest around the internet.

Wonder Woman Gets a Dive Suit

According to the premier scoop destination of Latino Post, Gal Gadot will be sporting no less than six new looks for Wonder Woman over the course of the movie. Perhaps most intriguing is the inclusion of a "dive suit" to be counted among the six - as well as the more classic Wonder Woman suit that we've all become familiar with over the past few months.

This outfit is one of six new Wonder Woman looks.
This outfit is one of six new Wonder Woman looks.

The dive suit immediately raises the question of whether or not we might see Aquaman getting some more screen time ahead of Justice League and his own solo movie. This news also came that James Wan, the Fast & Furious 7 director that is currently helping back up truckloads of money for Warner Bros is at the top of the list to take on the directing duties of Aquaman. With camera's set to roll on Wonder Woman at the end of this year - are visions being coordinated for our Justice League solo movies to intertwine?

Will Aquaman Appear in Wonder Woman?

The Aquaman movie debuts a full year after Wonder Woman in 2018. Certainly these movies take a lot of preproduction and postproduction time but it still feels like there could be other reasons that DC and Warner Bros want to attach a director to Aquaman as Wonder Woman is only months away from getting underway. And it's not just the rumor that Wonder Woman is being fitted for a dive suit, either.

Aquaman to get screen time before Justice League
Aquaman to get screen time before Justice League

There's no doubt that Zack Snyder had first say about what Aquaman is going to look and be like in Batman vs Superman, but that appearance is heavily rumored to be brief and not much more than a cameo. It could very well be that after Aquaman himself is introduced in Batman vs Superman, his underwater world will be introduced in Wonder Woman. And this is something that the future director of Aquaman will certainly want to have a heads up on from nuts to bolts rather than having a learning curve going into the job.

Uniting the Justice League Worlds

I think it's a good idea for the characters of Wonder Woman and Aquaman to get as much exposure as they can leading up to the Justice League movies. Before Batman vs Superman, neither of these characters will have been in any major motion picture and they'll have a lot of work to do to justify their importance in the Justice League movies. Fans know that they are part of the classic lineup but to see their teamwork in action before having to wait until Justice League Part 1, which comes out before Aquaman, mind you, would go a long way to increasing anticipation for that movie as well as stoking the Aquaman fires that would otherwise be in danger of going out in the time between Batman vs Superman and Justice League Part 1.

It certainly seem like we will be seeing Aquaman again after [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) and before the Justice League movies. I'm hoping they can squeeze in plenty of appearances from great DC characters in these movies outside of the central Justice League figures. With Steve Trevor looking like he'll appear in Suicide Squad - I'm hoping there will be multiple characters that will weave in and out of these movies to create the kind of cohesive world that characters like Agent Coulson did leading up to the Avengers.

What do you think? Will we be seeing Aquaman appear in [Wonder Woman](movie:45787)? Will Diana be paying a visit to Atlantis? Will the events of Wonder Woman be leading directly to the events of [Justice League Part One](movie:401267)? Take to the comments, dear readers!


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