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A new Ant-Man Trailer!

The trailer gives us some insight on the movies tone, plot, and even the climax

Here we go: Trailer Dissection/Description

The trailer starts out with a shot of a skyline, possibly the setting of Ant-Man

Then there is a man walking through a building, possibly Darren Cross through his company. A door opens up, and then we see some hexagons, possily a Hive pattern for the Yellowjacket "lair"

We then get a monolouge about [Ant-Man](movie:9048)'s capabilities and intended use, while Ant-Man destroys some guys, definently bad ones. It shows Mr. Cross emerging from a hallway, and some possible board member's clapping, telling us Yellowjacket could be a military project.

Then Michael Douglas gives us a line that could imply something about the Civil War: "If you give powers to everyone, it will be chaos"

Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lily are talking to each other, so we now officially know that Hope will be a mole of sorts in Cross Industries.

"I know a guy."

We hear the same thing that was said in the first teaser, "I've been watching you for a while now. Your different, not like the others"

We see another familiar shot, the assumed prison shot where Lang is in, talking to Dr. Pym about being the Ant-Man, about how everyone deserves redemption. In the first trailer, though, Pym said "second chance" wonder why they changed it now.

We see Scott in a prison fight, with the monolouge I previously said, and them Hank's "control room"

We see a shot of Pym's lab, and then see Scott breaking into a place while saying "my days of breaking into places and stealing stuff are over" , just paraphrasing.

Next, we see some larger than life money, and a quick snippet of Ant-Man breaking in.

Then he asks Pym what he wants him to do, to which he replies the same thing Scott just said he doesn't do anymore. Hilarious line, FYI

We see the Ant-Man suit, with a voiceover by the fantastic Michael Douglas, saying : "Are you ready to become a hero"

Evangeline Lily tells Scott about the suit, then we get a shot of Rudd watching ants pick up a penny using teamwork.

We learn that the Ant-mask is retractable, sort of like the Iron Man helmet. Van Dyne then says "and these are your greatest allies", when describing the suits capabilities, and then we see some shots of Ant-Man with the ants, another awesome thing.

Ms. Lily describes the suit's capabilities, such as superhuman strength, making a comparison of that to a bullet, while we see Scott shrink while running, and these little lines when he shrinks, similar to in the comics how they show he shrinks.

We see Ant-Man take down Cross, flipping him through a glass window.

Ant-Man then flips over a bullet, runs down a gun's shaft, and takes out a guard, something we saw in the leaked test footage.

We then see Scott training with Hope van Dyne, "learning how to punch". He acts cocky, and then gets nailed in the face.

We see Ant-Man basically bungee-jump on some kind of web (Spider-MAn reference?), and then see Cross's Yellowjacket lab, and informing someone that someting will blow up your in face

Then we see Douglas and Lily hugging, and then...

We see Darren Cross's Yellowjacket suit, much more yellow than expected. His mask also retracts , but sideways, not up and down.

His arms are deadly.

Then some more action sequences and puns on Ant-MAn's size.

Some more action, then the image we saw, but as a video, when Cross says "You think you can stop the future?" Then punches.

Some fight scenes when they are small, and then, after Cross says Lang is just a theif, he says "No. I'm Ant-Man" Then Yellowjacket turns and looks at him and he says "I know. It wasn't my idea", a reference to the previous trailer when he says "Is it too late to change the name?"

Then they fight on a child's train track, looking epic, and then it zooms out and a train just gets knocked over.And it zooms back in for about 2 seconds of a fight scene.

Stuff I Noticed

This trailer gives us insight to the movies tone, quite comedic, especially the train set part.

The thing I noticed about both Lang and Pym is their strained relationship with their daughters, implying that the film will have some focus on family.

Yellowjacket's plasma cannons are awesome


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