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Note: Due to Netflix releasing it's entire season of Daredevil in one go, I'm guessing a lot of our readers have yet to complete the season, some are somewhere in the middle, and a few haven't watched it yet. I'm not out to spoil anything in this article, nor in any other with the hashtag . The intent is rather to shed some light into the history and connections of some of the characters from the show.

Daredevil isn't indestructible. He's not impossible to hurt, to wound, and he's prone to bleeding a lot. He can't go to hospitals, as his secret identity could be compromised. When Daredevil finds himself in need of medical help, it can't be through official channels, it has to be off the books, it needs to be someone willing to risk his/her job, security, home and even life to help. That person is Claire Temple, Night Nurse.

In the Marvel Comic Universe, there are three people with a connection to the title "Night Nurse". None of them are named Claire Temple. Instead, Claire is the Ex-wife of Dr. Bill Foster (AKA: Black Goliath, Goliath, Giant-Man or "That Big Dude That Got Killed By Thors Clone During Civil War"), a former love interest of Luke Cage (who's up for his own Netflix show, and will join Daredevil in "the Defenders" sometime after that), and a trained nurse before returning to school and becoming a doctor in her own right. She eventually broke it off with Luke on account of his dangerous lifestyle.

Night Nurse was a title created in 1972 in the hopes of attracting more female readers (and potentially more female writers), together with Shanna the She-devil and Claws of the Cat (featuring "the Cat" who went on to become Tigra as her powers... expanded). It lasted for four issues, and followed the roommates and fellow night shift nurses Linda Carter, Georgia Jenkins and Christina Palmer. There were no superpowers present in the series, but Christina Palmer reappeared in 2004, meeting Nightcrawler and a few other X-men. And Linda... Okay, let's talk about Linda.

"Linda Carter: Student Nurse" first appeared in her own 9-issues series from Marvel Comics back in 1961, eleven years before joining up with her roomates in Night Nurse, and three years before the creation of Daredevil! She's also the one most readers will assosiate with the moniker of Night Nurse, as she'll occasionally pop up when superheroes are in need of medical assistance away from the public eye. She's treated everyone of the four characters getting their own Netflix shows, but most significant is her presence in the life of Doctor Strange. It seems that even after 40 years, Linda hadn't gotten quite over her infatuation with handsome surgeons.

As with Claire Temple, Linda Carter got her medical Ph.D sometime during her off-screen years. Merging the two characters for Daredevil makes all kinds of sense, as Lindas ambition of keeping masked heroes healthy and their identities secret combines with Claires doubts and aversion to violence into what can be summed up as a really strong supporting character with her head in the game and her intentions clear.


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