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In this digital age, the internet has allowed users unparalleled access and anonymity to find, distribute, and upload content we would otherwise never see. In most ways, this is pretty much harmless, but underneath cat videos and Pepe memes, the Internet is home to certain annals of terrifying video footage that can never be unseen.

[Unfriended](movie:2115877) is one of the first movies to try to tap into the horror that can follow when things online go off the rails.

But even with that sinister trailer isn't any match for what you can actually find with a quick search. From real-life stories of home invasions to disturbing short films with seemingly no creator, here are nine of the creepiest videos you can find online.

1. Mysterious elevator footage of Elisa Lam

This one requires a little bit of background to put the full scope of creepiness in context, but oh boy, is it a doozy. Elisa Lam was 21-years-old when she was found dead in a water tower atop a Los Angeles hotel. Though her death was ruled "accidental due to drowning" with no traces of drug or alcohol, this video proves that there is WAY more to this eerie story.

This is a hotel elevator surveillance tape that shows Elisa not long before she died, and her behavior is undoubtedly bizarre. She presses all of the buttons, appears to hide from someone, and gesticulates in an otherworldly manner before walking away—without ever moving in the elevator at all. Right after this video, Elisa somehow found her way to the roof and drowned. For me, there's no video on the Internet more mysterious and disturbing than this one due to the sheer amount of questions it leaves unanswered.

2. Ghost girls don't cry, they get even

Staged or not, this video remains downright creepy. The shadowy, shaky camera work only enhances the terror this guy feels, and I'm right there with him.

3. Bjork's stalker confessional

If you ever wanted a glimpse into actual, unbridled insanity, look no further than this video. In 1996, singer Björk was stalked by a man named Ricardo Lopez, whose obsession became deadly when he found out Björk was dating someone else. He constructed a letter bomb to spray sulfuric acid in her face and mailed it to her. Thinking the deed was done and the two would be rejoined in Heaven, he committed suicide. Luckily, the bomb was intercepted by Scotland Yard after police found Lopez's decomposing body in his apartment, and Björk remained unharmed.

4. A highway encounter with a Japanese ghost

I'm going to warn you right now. There is a jump scare in this video. Even with that knowledge, I'm willing to bet that most people still jump.

5. Mannequins

I don't know where to begin with this video. There's a rumor that it was filmed by a real serial killer who dresses these mannequins in the clothes of his or her victims. Even more disturbing, this rumor suggests that the nature scenes feature the sites where the killer buried the bodies.

Even if none of that is true, whatever is happening in this video is out there enough to still be off-putting.

6. There is Nothing

Oh, just a dead-eyed doll with a terrifying voice sitting motionless while fire blazes around the home, nothing to see here. Except this video is only a minute long and continues to pop into my head at odd intervals.

7. Kids meet an angel named Satan

The Adventures of Mark Twain may be the most disturbing movie made for an audience of children, but certain scenes are sufficiently freaky no matter how old you are. Case in point: this clip that features Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, and Becky Thatcher meeting Satan, a shape-shifting, evil angel made all the scarier with this kind of claymation. This is definitely not a bedtime story.

8. Mommy, can you check under the bed?

This short film was inspired by a terrifying two sentence story on Reddit. A mother must convince her daughter that monsters don't exist, but she's in for an unhappy surprise.

9. An intruder decides to make herself at home

A New Yorker caught a woman living in the crawlspace of his apartment. The video footage shows her eating his food, peeing in his sink, and even watching TV. If you're the type of person to check behind the shower curtain every time you go to the bathroom, you may want to avoid this one.


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