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Over the years we had to say goodbye to our most beloved Teen Wolf characters including Jackson, Erica, Boyd, Aiden, Ethan, Isaac and of course Allison. At least we have some newcomers to comfort us like Malia, Kira, Liam, Mason, Parrish and in this season Theo

Jeff Davis revealed in an interview that one or two of our long lost characters will be coming back but, who will it be?

Allison is less likely to be coming back. I know one part of us died with her, but, if she does come back she'll be supernatural like Kate. It makes more sense for her to be remembered as a skilled hunter who sacrificed herself to save her friends. However, Crystal Reed, the actress who impersonated Allison Argent attended the Paleyfest with the rest of the cast with the excuse of having spent long time apart. But, it might not mean anything after all she was a part of the cast once

There's a possibility that Jackson is the one Jeff was talking about. Colton Haynes briefly discussed it with FOX Entertainment Reporter Michael Tammero:

Michael: So, those rumors about Teen Wolf, is that true?
Colton: I don't know, we'll see

That wasn't a no, was it? On the other hand, Colton is now preoccupied with his role of Roy Harper in the hit CW series Arrow and let's not forget his role in the highly anticipated blockbuster San Andreas -be sure to check it out-

Unfortunately, Daniel Sharman who played Isaac Lahey is also preoccupied with his career. As I've already mentioned in one of my previous articles he's impersonated Kol Mikaelson in Kaleb's body on [The Originals](series:833141). The actor has also recently landed the role of Joe in the upcoming CBS pilot 'LFE!'. So, he's a pretty busy schedule, but, the only reason Isaac is still alive in the Teen Wolf universe is that Daniel loves his character and wants to return and since this may be the last season he might make some room in his schedule for [Teen Wolf](series:721002)

Even if Aiden is dead Ethan is alive and well, maybe he can pay us a visit. He has some unfinished business with Danny who we short of lost the previous season but Jeff Davis confirmed we haven't seen the last of Danny yet. Didn't you just love Ethan and Danny? Wouldn't it be great to see them again?

Teen Wolf somehow manages to grow stronger and make us fall in love with it every new season even if we sometimes leave our favorite characters behind. This season we'll have to survive without Derek Hale -He's not a series regular, we'll see him again in few episodes- and our favorite lacrosse coach and econ teacher... Not to worry Teen Wolf fans we'll also have a lot welcoming to do

A new trailer was recently released for season 5 take a look, 'the doctors will see you now'...


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