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Jake Gyllenhaal is in my opinion one of the best actors in the industry these days and from film to film the admiration for him increases.

Lou Bloom is desperate for work. Thinks he is an extremely dedicated and competent person, but it seems that he does not have much luck finding something right and worthy of doing. Lou is a lonely, brave and decided man that one day by chance, when driving on a highway, sees an accident. Stops and decides to approach. Seeing a team of freelance camera man's at the accident, he discovers that after all that's what he wants to do in life. He arranges a way to buy a camera and a radio (where he can hear the broadcast channel of the police) and also quickly become a freelancer in the area, selling images of events that involve some type of crime along the city of Los Angeles, to a television station.

Written and direted by Dan Gilroy, who debuts here in this field in a very solid way, doing the audience get involved by the night of the city of Los Angeles, with the help of a beautiful cinematography. The film manages to entertain and make us laugh at times, never losing the dark and creepy atmosphere. The social commentary is quite strong, focusing on what the sensationalism is in today's society, constantly used in journalism in exchange for mere audiences, which often quite serious situations are ridiculed. Some of the situations despite being somewhat impossible to happen flawlessly result taking into ACCOUNT what the film intends to pass. The main character is very well developed, and grows little by little during the film increasingly motivated in his mission. The more he aims the more the film becomes to have a heavier atmosphere, which makes it by little more disturbing.

Jake Gyllenhaal has an absolutely fantastic performance! So scary, creepy and deep, can mess with the audience to the point of transmiting real fear. We can believe he is a true sociopath with no empathy for anyone, just wondering about himself. As he influence and manipulate the characters in the film, is able to manipulate us to the point of creating empathy for a man who gradually reveals to be despicable. The supporting cast features Rene Russo, Bill Paxton and Riz Ahmed who maintain quite nicely the brilliant performance of Gyllenhaal that certainly is the big man of the film.

Nightcrawler is an excellent portrayal of a disturbed mind, which also explores a less beautiful side of journalism that we all know exist.


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