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At the end of [Frozen](movie:411685), Elsa reunites with her sister and reclaims her rightful kingdom, and she never makes any moves toward courting and marrying a man. "Let It Go" is essentially an anthem to independence, with Elsa testifying that she really can stand on her own.

However, this has not prevented fans from seeing the striking similarities between Elsa and another icy hero, Jack Frost from [Rise of the Guardians](movie:32035). Beyond their penchant for all things winter, Jack could teach Elsa to loosen up a bit, and Elsa could instruct him on how to lead. Maybe Elsa is just waiting for someone she can treat as her equal, who can understand her powers on a more personal level.

In the spirit of this romance, here's a collection of some of the best Jelsa fan creations this side of Arendelle.

Everything the snow touches is yours

These two can clearly rule Arendelle together with an avalanche of warmth.

Hot as ice

According to the artist, "their love is melting the snow" around them. In other words, the cold is REALLY not bothering them.

The cosplay strikes back

These two get a little more creative and imagine Jelsa through the world of Star Wars.

Royal attire

Jack contends with the itchiness of royal garb when he makes his first visit to Arendelle.


Elsa is fully capable of making him a wintery bed, but she's perfectly content to let Jack snooze in her lap.

Holy moly

This is just absolutely beautiful and might be my favorite Jelsa fan art ever. (Sadly, I wasn't able to find a source for this image. If anyone is familiar with the artist, please add his or her name/website to the comments and I'll update with credit).

The couple that cosplays together...

Here's Jack Frost cosplaying as Elsa, and Elsa cosplaying as Jack Frost. The shippers are really starting to come full circle.

In the clouds

This is so breathtaking, it legitimately looks like it was done by J.M.W. Turner. If this doesn't make you believe in the romance between these two, I just don't know what will.


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