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Hello. My name is Akari. Akari Kekse. Today, I want to talk about a dreadful subject: demons, possessions and exorcisms.

Demons have existed since mankind lived on Earth. We have feared them, worshiped them, adored them and even ignored and mocked them.

Humans are afraid of their powers and wickedness. The demons love to infect you with diseases, to bring you bad luck, to hurt you mentally and physically. The worst thing that they can do is to possess your body and to devour your soul from the inside. Only an exorcism can save you... and sometimes that is not enough.

I will talk about six demons that people claim to exist in real life. Also, I will mention one that was created only for a movie, but that was inspired by real life events.

If you are afraid of a particular demon in a movie, or why not, if you have had experience with them in real life, let me know in the comments section below.

Hope you enjoy it!

I Am Zozo - Zozo

A real life photograph that shows Zozo
A real life photograph that shows Zozo

Let's say that you are playing with a Ouija board on one cold, silent night. You have drank a couple of beers and want to have a little fun. That's fine. Be my guest. But, if for some reason, you ask for a name, and the answer on the board is Zozo, my advice is to leave the game and never return again...

Zozo is a powerful and maleficent being that has been reported to have appeared a multitude of times all around the globe. He loves to communicate via Ouija. His M.O. is to destroy the lives of those he makes contact with. He also likes to sexually harass those unlucky females that have contacted him.

The movie is based on real encounters with this perverse being. He will not only make your life impossible, but he will destroy the lives of those close to you: your family and friends.

I wouldn't recommend this movie because it's not that good (even if I kind of like it), but I think that Zozo is an appealing figure who deserves to be known. Just stay away if you ever find him.

The Last Exorcism - Abalam


Abalam, the Prince of Madness. The one that can make you go insane.

He is under the command of the powerful Paimon, one of the Seven Lords of Hell. Some say that he is not under Paimon's rule, but that he is Paimon himself. Paimon rules over two hundred legions of demons.

In the movie, he attacks the sweet and innocent Nell after an evil cult disguised as Catholics summoned him inside her body. He predicts the way the main characters will die, by drawing their horrific fates on paper, and not even the renewed faith of a good Father can defeat him.

He is one of the most powerful demons ever in cinema for the simple fact that, in the sequel, he brings the Apocalypse to Earth. The movie ends with the beginning of the end of the world. Amazing.

Deliver Us From Evil - Jungler

This movie is inspired by real events lived by Ralph Sarchie, a New York ex-police officer, who had had a lot of paranormal encounters in his life.

The Jungler is a powerful being that specializes in harming the humans that he possesses, making them kill or hurt those close to them. He also loves to create portals everywhere across the city to spread his malign essence. Jungler, unlike all the others demons in this list, is not based on a "real" being.

Jungler also has a predilection for The Doors, the rock band. At least we can agree that his musical tastes are excellent.

The Exorcist - Pazuzu

The most famous demon of them all (besides Satan) in movies. The powerful Pazuzu.

He is an ancient Assyrian demon, known for his control over the winds and plagues. He was so powerful that people carved talismans depicting his image to protect them from other less powerful demons and spirits. They were afraid of his anger and power.

In the movie, he possesses a teenager who played with an Ouija board. This being makes her offend Christ and all His values. After a grueling battle, a valiant Father is able to expel him, only to be invaded in return. He will return in the third part, turned into a demented and evil serial killer.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose - A Legion Of Demons

This movie was based in the real exorcism and death of Anneliese Michel, a German girl that was supposedly possessed not only by one demon, but by a multitude of them.

In the movie, when the Father asks the possessed, named Emily Rose, who is commanding her, several beings answer. Who are they? Well, they claim to be: Cain (Abel's brother), Nero (the Roman Emperor), Judas Iscariot (the Apostle, who, according to some major traditions, betrayed Jesus Christ), Legion (a horde of demons who faced Jesus... and lost), Belial (not from the Basket Case movie) and Lucifer himself.

In real life, Anneliese died while fighting against those nefarious beings. Not even the power of faith and prayer could save her from this dreadful fate.

The Possession - Abyzou

Another movie inspired by a supposedly real case.

Kevin Mannis, a man from Portland, acquired a mysterious box that belonged to a holocaust survivor named Havela. According to Mannis, the owners of this box suffered unexplained and terrific events. He himself, and his family even, started to have dreadful nightmares and health related problems.

In the movie, the box arrives in Emily Brenek's hands. She is a teenager (do you notice a pattern here?) who, after opening it, is possessed by a demon named Abyzou, making her life miserable.

Abyzou is a female demon, known in ancient times for destroying the souls of children. She also travels the world, looking for pregnant women, to take their future babies. If she can't do that, she will be happy to curse them, causing diseases and afflictions that will harm them for the rest of their lives.

The Rite - Baal

Another movie based on real accounts.

In the movie, Father Lucas Trevant (Anthony Hopkins) is possessed by an evil entity after a failed exorcism. So the question in here is: what demon is strong enough to possess a server of Christ? Well, the answer is Baal, the second most powerful demon of them all (just behind the Devil himself).

Baal is one of the Seven Lords of Hell. He can appear as a cat, as a spider, as a human or as a mixture of the 3. Spooky, right?

It is important to notice that, in ancient times, Baal was considered a good deity. He was a fertility god that was adored and cherished. It is funny how beliefs can change over time.

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