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The Stars Wars films are finally out officially on digital, but are they really the versions we want? Yeah it does come with the prequel films as well as the original trilogy but is it worth getting the original trilogy if it isn't exactly the original trilogy we grew up with. Here are a few reason that you should consider before purchasing the trilogy on digital.

Not the Original Theatrical
The new digital releases of the star wars trilogy is not the original versions that everyone was hoping for, from what I believe it is just like the latest Blu-Rays that were released. Which has all the changes that no one wants. Yes it does include some of the changes that improve the film technically, and is a higher quality then what you would have to go out and look for, like a VHS copy, so there is a trade off.

All together if you add up the prices of the new films you are paying from $80 to $100, which is already double the price if you were to just buy is on Blu-Ray.

The Despecialized Editions
Now if it weren't for these existing I can see a reason why the new digital releases would be appealing. Since the only really way to watch the original versions of the trilogy would be to go back to VHS, which does even come close to have good quality by today's standards.

But what makes The Despecialized Editions so great is that they take the best of both version. It takes a variety of elements from film prints and even the latest Blu-Rays and recreates the original version but also retaining the good changes from the Blu-Rays, mostly on the technical side (effects, colors, etc.)

What are your thoughts on the new releases?

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