ByVassia Kallitsi, writer at

When someone mentions The Vampire Diaries the first person that pops up on your head is probably Elena, Stefan or Damon. But, if you think about it Bonnie is the real hero of the show

1. She's a badass, crazy powerful witch. With crazyass powers and we've all learn by now; don't piss off a badass crazy powerful witch

2. She wants to protect innocent people from the supernatural -season 1 finale, season 2 when she attempted to kill Damon after he attempted to kill Caroline-

3. She'd die in order to save her friends and loved ones -season 2 finale, season 5 finale and pretty much all the time- and she wouldn't hesitate to use dark magic to do so -season 4 when she tried to save Elena from becoming a vampire-

4. No one would survive without her magic -season 2 finale, season 5 finale-

5. She lived alone in a different dimension for months and even though she tried to commit suicide she had the courage to save herself -season 6-


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