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Hey Creators! As you may have seen recently, Maria Garcia had the inspired idea of hosting her very own 'get to know you' video on Moviepilot. There's nothing that is loved more than getting to know a little more about all the amazing people in this community, so Kat Bacon thought we could evolve the idea into a nomination system.

I was nominated by Kat Bacon to answer her three questions, so here we go:3

Q1. If you could only watch 1 movie that comes out this year, what would it be and why?

A: Arghhh such a hard choice xD I'm a long time Star Wars fan, but if it sucks and pulls a Jar Jar Binks then I'm going to regret it, it's really going to have to be Avengers: Age of Ultron. That film is going to complete my life, JUST UNDER TWO WEEKS NOW!

Q2. What's the most awkward movie-watching experience you've ever had?

A: Hmmmm, I haven't had a lot of awkward ones, but the one that stands out is where I was watching Bad Neighbours (2014) where I accidently kicked someones chair and they turned round and was like 'F*cking little' and yeah, it was pretty awkward from that point on xD

Q3. What do you like to do for fun when you're not talking about movies?

A. OOOh good question, mainly because it's a hard one xD I love to listen to music a lot, rocking that punk rock and rock music all day, I also love to skateboard, read comics and work out!

So if you didn't know, obviously I have nominate someone else for this all to work properly, so I am going to nominate Ms. Dana Lynne Abeln, the first person I spoke to from the Staff at MoviePilot :3

My questions are;

1. Do you have any films that are a guilty pleasure?

2. Favourite film from childhood?

3. Have any movie cliches that you despise?

Hope you can answers these, feel free to upload a video response, or if that's not your thing you can always just share the answers as a normal post, and then ask of your own for someone else :D

Thanks and thanks again for Kat Bacon for the nomination!


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