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Yeah I know this isn't a big news or anything, but there are some interesting tidbits of details for the keen eyed and now I am here to throw some light on it and inform everyone, so let's begin. there is a MASSIVE GOOD NEWS for you all at the end of this article !!!

This is the official credits list on the [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) official site, owned by WB, and here's the break down.

Ben Affleck's got the top billing.

This is a direct sequel to [Man of Steel](movie:15593) and a Superman focused movie, yet Ben Affleck got the first billing in credits, because he's a bigger star and packs more star power, and let me tell you this has got nothing to do with the movie, it's just a way to sell the movie based on star powers, so don't jump to conclusions. For the naysayers out there have a look at the credits for

[The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035)

RDJ's name takes a priority over the title of the movie itself, so don't judge anything.

Dune Entertainment isn't producing.

In the initial press report it was announced that Dune Entertainment was the production studio behind this film, but as we can see now they aren't here in the credits they are replaced by Atlas Entertainment and Snyder's Cruel and Unusual films. Is this one among the reason for the production being delayed? maybe, who knows.

Chris Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas are indeed executive producers on this film.

The power couple
The power couple

Their names weren't included in the original press note but it was latter revealed by Charles Roven (producer on this film) that Chris and Emma are indeed working on this movie on an "Advisory Capacity" And that Nolan was indeed involved in the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne.

David S. Goyer is receiving the co writer credit.

During December last year we heard, Chris Terrio was hired to re write the script for this movie, and everyone thought David Goyer was fired, well looks like that isn't the case, as he's clearly getting the co writer credit for this movie, well lets's put it this way, Goyer wrote the initial script and Chris Terrio was brought in to polish and make the script the better not write it from scratch and make a completely new script, so it makes sense as to why Goyer is getting a co writer credit, but let's remember one thing, if we are having this DC Cinematic Universe in this form today, it is because of this guy Man of Steel was his brain child, he started the whole topic and pitched it to Chris Nolan, so please be grateful to him, his screenplay skills might not be that good, but he's still a great story/concept guy. Plus he's also one of the executive producers on this film.

is the official hashtag.

Remember this hastag guys, we are gonna get our first trailer in 30 days and a lots of promotional materials after that, so for all the sharing and social media stuff, tag it with this hashtag to spread the word.

Gal Gadot is included in this star studded credits.

Well Gal Gadot isn't a famous star in Hollywood and she's not a bankable star yet but she still got a billing in this star studded credit, which means only thing, she will have a role which might be bigger and more important than we believe, most probably a supporting role which might be somewhat similar to Black Widow's screen time from Iron Man 2.

And other actors like Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher are not included in this credits, further cementing the fact that they are doing only a small cameo. So there is still hope to get a quick glimpse of the new Flash and Green Lantern in some way.

Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg) is not included in these credits.

It is a well known fact that Junkie XL (Mad Max: Fury Road, Divergent and 300 Rise of an Empire) is working on this film along side Hans Zimmer, to work exclusively on Batman's score, as Hans didn't want to betray his work on The Dark Knight Trilogy with Chris Nolan, but it's surprising to see why his name isn't included in the credits, maybe they will include his name in the upcoming press notes and actual movie credits. you deserve it Tom!

Promotional campaign are pretty near.

Well credits in this type of layout is used mostly on trailer/teasers and on the posters and other promo stuff like that and studios, they generally wait till they get close to promotional period or close to some trailer reveal to make a credits layout like this, and that means we are really close to some official promo stuff but .......




So it's official guys, we are getting our Trailer #1 for this movie really really soon, I guess the meaning of Classified Date(s) is the date of release, so i think the trailer will be released today. am i wrong I don't know, but even if I am it doesn't matter because the trailer will be revealed pretty soon, as it has passed the film boards.


What do you feel about the trailer release


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