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1. Red Skull

Let me start with Red Skull. I know, I know, the infamous Red Skull has already been portrayed on screen in Captain America: The First Avenger by Hugo Weaving and in my opinion he did a more than satisfying job at taking on the role of Caps arch nemesis. Regardless, I found he did not get enough screen time and his character development did not do enough for me and I feel this wonder villain needs to be rebooted back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But do you think he should be played by Hugo Weaving? To be honest, I wouldn't mind that. I mean there is no denying Hugo was fit for the part and of course I'd like to see him return in his uniform but this may also be the perfect opportunity for the character of Red Skull to be brought back fresh and much more bad ass , one who may actually bring Cap, and perhaps the other Avengers, to their knees. When thinking of who could be a good person to cast as this amazing villain the person who always springs to mind immediately is Christoph Waltz , I mean he is perfect for the voice and the origin side of Red Skull but physique wise I personally believe he doesn't make the cut. I want Red Skull to be this villain who has it all both in brains and in physically strength and who would I pick to play the part ..... well I know it's very random and what not but it would have to be over all the choices I came up with .. Karl Urban , I mean come on this guy has such a wide diversity in his acting playing bad asses from Eomer in lord of the rings to the total ass kicker that is Dredd.

I think Red Skull could be brought back into the Marvel Universe as a ruthless villain much more brutal than he was already portrayed by Weaving. He could team up with other villains to create an outfit of foes that could take on the Avengers. Picture this a total kick ass Karl Urban playing Red Skull taking on the likes of Iron Man and the other avengers and create a world of trouble for them.

Here is people i thought would be good Red Skulls let me know what you all think in this poll as to who would be the best. Some may sound a little bizarre but trust me seeing them in the red skull make up and suit could make them fit the part perfectly as well as the intensity they would bring to the character.


So who would you choose from these to be a rebooted Red Skull or perhaps ye just want to keep Hugo on as the red colored veteran.

2. The Constrictor

The Constrictor is a super kick ass villain and who has battled multiple times with members of the Avengers and this leaves me wondering why he has not appeared yet on the big screen. Starting as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who was sent undercover to stop an evil corporation he while do so suffered a break down and he himself became evil. Armed with wrist-mounted electrified coils he would be a worthy foe for any of the heroes in the Marvel Universe. I know what you are thinking ? is he not just whiplash ? but no he is far more superior and a much more kick ass wielder of his whips than whiplash and if you are still not thinking he is a bad ass , well he once served as a supporting character to dead pool ..... that's right the one and only dead pool. Look i don't think I even have to convince you how bad ass this guy , I mean come on he faced off against the likes of the Hulk , Captain America and even The Fantastic Four. He would be a perfect villain for a solo film of a member of the Avengers. His costume alone looks flawless , but who would play him in a film adaption .. that's a tough one. Id have to say I would not like a well known character to play him I would much rather a much less known actor , someone one like Michael Pitt.

If you don't know him he is a pretty unique actor who can play anything and is so unpredictable at doing so I think he would bring a lot of depth and life into this character , especially seeing as it will be the constrictors debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

3. Kraven The Hunter

No this is not Jason Momoa , It is Kraven.
No this is not Jason Momoa , It is Kraven.

One of my all time favorite bad ass super villain , he is made to be put in to the films , he is something different and something that is just awesome. His character will bring something new to Spiderman Movies which we all know are going through different stuff at the moment but if they could , Kraven is an ideal villain to enter spideys world and create a world of trouble for the web slinger. So I assume everyone thinks Jason Momoa would have to be the only one to play him seeing as they look near identical and Momoa would play the part so well but to make things interesting I think because Momoa will be playing Aquaman it would be be right for him to be a total legend of a hunter too so finding another person that would be perfect for this role is hard. So if any of you readers have someone you think would be good as Kraven please let me know in the comments .. Thanks!!

4. Solomon Grundy

The Evil Hulk Of DC
The Evil Hulk Of DC
Born On A Monday ...... Died On A Sunday

Finally we have a DC villain and who better than the powerhouse that is Solomon Grundy. Grundy is not afraid to use bruit force and so DC writers of the films should not be not be afraid to put this intriguing character into their cinematic universe and to face off with the dark knight himself Batman. We aren't use to seeing Batman battle with such a large and powerful enemy in his films as Solomon Grundy , you may argue Bane but come on Bane was not close to the comics at all in the dark knight rises (Love Tom Hardy though) and so finally getting a monster of destruction like Grundy in a Batman film would be just be simply spectacular. I don't necessarily think it matters who plays him in the film as he will only be in human form briefly as he is not like the hulk where he can return to human form but I would hope they wouldn't purely depend on CGI for him because it would just be a disaster if so and the most important thing for him is giving him an iconic voice although his vocabulary wont be too large, maybe something like Vin Diesels voice for Groot but not identical or anything! really i just want him in a Batman film so the fight scenes would just be over the top awesome and have Batman in actual danger as Grundy is so viscous and destructive.

5. Mr. Freeze

I know what you are thinking ... really? Mr. Freeze? but hear me out! I feel this character has just become a parody at this stage which is such a pity because he is such an epic super villain. I know Arnold didn't do any favors for this guy but I think he just needs to be rebooted back into these new Batman films and he will be back in the top iconic villains of all times in film. He really just needs another chance and who knows he may make a worthy foe foe Batman and will create some brilliant action scenes in a film including him.

Charlie Hunnam would be my choice to play the new Mr. Freeze. I would like him because I think in order to make people forget the horrific portrayal that Arnold gave the villain in Batman & Robin we need to make the character fresh again and cast him younger than before and Hunnam would be perfect starring in movies such as Pacific Rim and Green Street. He would make the character his own with his unique acting skills and make Mr. Freeze a feared villain again.

6. Gorilla Grodd

You may think I am crazy for this one but I thought id save the most bizarre for last. I figured the super intelligent and supreme Grodd would be awesome , I mean if the new planet of the apes movies have taught me anything it is that they can make gorillas look realistic and cool as hell, so I have no doubt on screen Grodd would be a memorable villain. He is an enemy to The Flash and a fight between the two would be too epic not to have in a film. He would be a villain of no likes and would be perfect for an upcoming stand alone movie for The Flash.


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