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Hey Creators! There's been a hashtag going around called [](tag:2854799). The lovely Tom Perkins chose me and I'm going to keep the ball rolling and choose Cassie Benter to answer my about herself. Then Cassie will pass the buck and ask 3 questions to another creator.

But first, I have to answer Tom Perkin's questions...So, here it goes!

1. Do you have any films that are a guilty pleasure?

That's a very good question! Hmm... I have so many TV shows that are definitely guilty pleasures but I never thought about movies! I'd have to say it's Elecktra. Maybe it's because of the lack of strong female roles at the time it was made but that movie left an impression on me I'll never forget.

2. Favorite film from childhood?

But there's so many!!! I'm going to have to give a double answer here.

Young Childhood- The Never-Ending Story

And a little bit older but not by much- The Lord of the Rings

I really wish I could give Gandalf a hug!

3. Have any movie cliches that you despise?

I actually have a whole article about that because there are so many!

Well, those are mine! Thank you again Tom Perkins! You're awesome!

I love cats!
I love cats!

Ms. Cassie Benter... Spotlights on you!

Hope you can answers these, feel free to upload a video response, or if that's not your thing you can always just share the answers as a normal post, and then ask of your own for someone else

Here's my three questions...

1. What's your favorite TV show and why?

2. What movies would you like to see made in the future?

3. If you could make your own movie, what would it be?


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