ByNathan Archer, writer at

Today I watched Thor: The Dark World for the second time and the first on DVD, Thor: TDW centers around a post-Avengers universe where Thor has been keeping peace across the nine realms; then when a relic called the Aether awakens the Dark Elves and the universe is threatened.

This movie has a lot of positives, which include: great story progression, great acting, good CGI, awesome action and great humour. To expand all the acting in this film is good and the actors fit the characters (Darcy's intern is annoying in parts but that's it) and obviously Loki was great. The action sequences in this film are really cool also there is a lot of humour in this film and pretty much all of it works.

There are also some negatives, which are: the story isn't very complex and the villain isn't that menacing. The story in the film is very simple which makes it easy to follow but not the makings of a fantastic film, also something about the villain made him seem not that great and pretty boring (normally that would be awful but this film is still great).

Overall I really enjoyed this film and taking all the positives and negatives into consideration, I have decided to rate this film:



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