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This is a question that has been on my mind lately, what separates an anti-hero from a villain? Everybody loves the anti-hero, be it Han Solo or every character Arnold Schwarzenegger has ever played, audiences just can't seem to get enough of our flawed protagonists.

For example, the Punisher has had 2 (technically 3) big screen outings while Wonder Woman, one of the most iconic and popular heroes of all time, has had zero.

To try to answer this article's titular question, I have decided to take a close look at some of comics most popular anti-heroes and see if they really deserve our respect and admiration, or if we should lock them up and throw away the key.

Note: Yes, I do realize that two of the characters on this list are Watchmen, but this is my article and also, huge Watchmen spoilers below. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

The Punisher

Arguably comic book's most famous anti-hero, I have decided to put Frank Castle A.K.A. the Punisher under the microscope to see if he is a true force for good, or a man that needs to be punished.

Reasons he's an anti-hero:

He only intentionally kills evil people, and when he accidentally killed a child in the crossfire, he showed much remorse.

He has put a huge dent in organized crime around the world.

He has a strict moral code.

Reasons he's a villain:

He often kills criminals in truly cruel and sick ways.

He is wanted for several counts of murder.

In an imaginary (Elseworlds?) tale he once killed the entire Marvel Universe, heroes and all.


Is the Punisher an anti-hero or villain?


This list has now made it's way to Deadpool, A.K.A. Wade Wilson. Deadpool is a cosplay king at comic cons, but I want to take a closer look to see if the Merc With a Mouth deserves so many lookalikes.

Reasons he's an anti-hero:

Despite what his name would imply, Deadpool has shown moments of compassion.

He often does good deeds, such as taking out supervillains.

He has many true friends, a luxury that many villains don't have.

Reasons he's a villain:

He often kills people in...weird, ways.

If you pay him enough $$$ he will kill a good guy.

Much like the Punisher, he has killed the entire Marvel Universe, heroes and all.


Is Deadpool a villain or anti-hero?


If you're a criminal and see this face, RUN!
If you're a criminal and see this face, RUN!

On the DC side of things, we have Walter Kovacs, A.K.A. Rorschach. Although he died for what he believed in, I am going to look into the ink blot to see if he was right in doing so.

Reasons he's an anti-hero:

He greatly reduced crime in New York City.

He only kills bad guys.

He protects the innocent.

Reasons he's a villain:

He often kills criminals in truly sick ways.

He is a total psychopath.

He once lit a cop-filled building on fire.


Is Rorschach a villain or anti-hero?


Next up on our list is Adrian Veidt A.K.A. Ozymandias. Although he is regarded by many as the villain of Watchmen, I want to examine the evidence closely to see if the World's Smartest Man was right in doing what he did.

Reasons he's an anti hero:

As a member of the Minutemen he saved many people from supervillains.

He truly desires to do good in the world.

It can can be argued that he saved the world (although the debate on whether or not he did is for another article).

Reasons he's a villain:

He killed over 3 million people.

'Nuff said.


Is Ozymandias an anti-hero or villain?

Well there you have it! Now I know that I wasn't able to include every anti-hero/villain, but I hope you enjoyed my article anyway!


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