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When my friend asked me if I wanted to go sky-diving for his eighteenth birthday, this was my reaction.

See, I like to play things safe. I don't like taking risks. I don't like being brave and I definitely don't want to skydive. That is...unless a certain man by the name of Cade Yeager asked if I wanted to go skydiving. Then I'd be like...

Heck yeah brother! Let's go do everything dangerous and exciting. I find Cade Yeager, Optimus Prime, and the Autobots to be every bit inspiring and heroic. I watch the Transformer movies and then I go save animals in our neighborhood.

So I had to think. What would I do if I got to spend a day with the man himself, with Cade Yeager? Well, I'll tell you. Here's what I'd do.

Base Jumping

One of the first things I would do with Cade Yeager is go base jumping. Given that I'm terrified of heights and scared to death of dying, then this is definitely my no. 1 choice. I'd jump because I have no fears in the world and flaunt that like a rich kid in a candy store.

Swim With Sharks

Another phobia I have is the fear of sharks. Everytime we get to the beach the first thought in my head is, "Are there any sharks in the water?" I don't want to be dragged to a bloody, watery end at the jaws of a giant shark! But because Cade Yeager inspires me to do everything I'm totally afraid of, the second thing I'd do is swim with sharks. I'd get real close to them, hold their fins, get a picture with them and Cade, and maybe even watch them get into a feeding frenzy...over a bunch of fish and not our half-eaten bodies.


Zorbing is something I've always wanted to do, and I've never had the chance. What better time to do it then with Cade Yeager? We could have Zorb races, Zorb wars, Zorb soccer, and even Zorb bowling! How fun would that be? I've always wanted to be a human bowling ball.

Eat Lunch

I hate new foods. I hate foreign foods. But since Cade Yeager is going to be with me on this wild, fantastic day, I'll try anything. This is why we'll have Giraffe, Camel, Huhu Grubs, Sheep Balls, Caviar, Escargo, and Cobra Blood. Then we'll have The White Truffle and Strawberry Arnaud for dessert.

Race The World's Fastest Car

The Hennessey Venom GT is the world's fastest car. It hit 270 miles per hour at top speed. Imagine that! I'd love to race Cade Yeager in one of these cars. We'll have an ultimate street race. Can you even imagine going 270 miles per hour in a car?

Volcano Boarding

I'm not much of a snowboarder, much less a volcano boarder. But because I'm being ambitious, I would absolutely love to go volcano boarding with Cade Yeager. I can just imagine the feeling of lava hot air blowing past me as I rocket down the side of this massive volcano. If we raced, I wonder who'd win?

Bull Running in Spain

This would be really fun. Dangerous, yeah. If Cade Yeager is up for it, I'd definitely let myself be chased by a bull. Maybe a few Autobots would sweep in before we were gored to death. We still have an evening to get through!

Eat Dinner

Because Cade Yeager is from Texas, I'd love to have a Texas dinner at his Texas ranch. We'd have brisket, fried okra, corn, mash potatoes, and bread. Then for dessert we'd have some lovely pecan pie, blueberry cobbler, and pecan pralines.

Build A Muscle Car

If there's one thing I want Cade Yeager to teach me, it's how to build a muscle car. The car should be wicked looking, muscular, loud, and fast. He can build and fix cars, and there's no person better I'd want to learn from. Maybe he could help me build two so we could race.


It'll be getting close to shut eye at this time of the day, but just because the sun's down doesn't mean the party ends. I would want to go cow-tipping with Cade Yeager. After all, it's a very Texan game to play. You sneak up on cows while they're sleep standing, tip them over, and run before they trample you in their anger. It'd be a heck of a lot of fun.

Fireworks With The Autobots

This amazing bucket list conquering, danger-questing, thrill-seeking, Cade Yeager day has to end with one thing, and one thing only: Fireworks. There is nothing more American, more Texan than fireworks. They are beautiful at night, powerful, emotion evoking. We'd sit back in lawn chairs drinking, laughing, reminiscing on good times, while we watched the beauties of the night sky. And we wouldn't be alone. We'd have the Autobots at our side to assure our safety, to laugh with, to enjoy the true sign of freedom, friendship, and faith: fireworks.

So what'd you think? Would you want to join Cade and I as we let loose and do everything we've ever wanted? Would you like to forget all your fears, forget all the pains, and have one heck of a blast for a day with Cade and the Autbots?


Which activity would you love to do?


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