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X-Men Apocalypse is probably one of the most anticipated movies next year alongside Captain America Civil War and Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice. The movie already has a pretty amazing cast with Michael Fassbender, James Mcavoy and Jennifer Lawrence. Today we learned another pretty popular host turned actress has joined the mutants. Im talking about Olivia Munn of course who is now part of Apocalypse. Its pretty exciting to hear that Olivia Munn has been cast as Betsy Braddock A.K.A as Psylocke a role I'm sure shes going to pull off flawlessly. It was announced by Brian Singer earlier today on Instagram take a look.

Olivia Munn was a host on the very popular Attack Of The Show which was on G4, after G4 she started her acting career appearing in many movies including Iron Man 2. Its great to see Olivia getting some break into the comic book world something she showed so much interest in all the way back in her G4 days.

If you're not too familiar with Psylocke just imagine if Jean Grey fused with a female ninja. Yeah its pretty B.A if you ask me and a great addition for the X-Men no doubt about that. X-Men Apocalypse is said to be the end of the trilogy that started with First Class and continued with Days Of Future Past last year. The series is rumored to take on a new set of mutants and story line after so here's hoping we get to see so many more new mutants.

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