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Today on the media it was brought to everyone's attention, that there may some planning to a new set of Fast and Furious movies. Although due to the sad and tragic death of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas, The main cast of Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, Michelle Rodriguez, Ludacris, and Jordana Brewster, will not participate in the new set of movies, therefore all new actors are set to take part in the new films. One individual that has signed up and will be guaranteed a lead roll in the films if they are produced is Utah born John Olsen. John has gone on saying that "he loved the original Fast and Furious movies, and because of those movies his idle then became the late Paul Walker A.K.A. Brian O'conner." So who will the 17 year old play in the new films? you might ask. If his favorite character in the original movies was Brian O'conner, then it shouldn't be too hard to guess. John would be the one to play the son of Brian O'conner and Mia Toretto. Jack O'conner. So if they were to make these movies, what would the first one be about. Well the story line of the movie would start out with Jack coming home from high school and finding his house on fire and his parents confirmed dead inside. With speed in his blood Jack gets a new team together to hunt down the people who did this to his family. Later in the movie Jack and his crew will find that the nephew of drug dealer Carter Verone come to bring vengeance upon the O'conner family but to erase them from the face of the earth. How will Jack O'conner get his avenge the death of his parents? We will have to find out if the movie is produced.


If the film is confirmed, the production hopes to have a trailer released to the public by late 2017 giving John Olsen the opportunity to graduate before arriving on set for the production. The movie itself however would not be released until early 2018. The four stars that already have a guaranteed roll in the movie all really are praying that the film will follow through. John also said "If I could,I would love to start filming the movie now." Producer of the first seven movies James Wan went on to say " This is a new start for the Fast and Furious franchise. We will do our best to keep characters from the first seven movies out of movies 8-10." Therefore if Fast and Furious 8 is indeed produced they plan to make Fast and Furious 9 and 10 shortly after the 8th installment is released. The movie is rumored to have already started it's filming, although all confirmed actors have said that they have not started to film the movie. Some say that John and possible co-star Kayden Whipple were filmed by professional camera crews driving a green 1996 Ford Mustang and a red 1990 Ferrari Testarossa. A video of the ride in the Ferrari was posted on facebook, but it was by a cell phone camera, and John wasn't driving the car. Both Kayden and John have not been heard from by the media since they were seen in the Ferrari.


There are some fans that are hoping that an 8th movie is filmed and there are some that are not so happy about the rumors of an 8th movie being filmed. In fact many friends have become outraged with the rumors saying that "The franchise should have been cut after the seventh episode of the movie, and that if they in fact do make a new film that it won't make a quarter of the money that the original six fast and furious films did." Others have said, "It will be good to have an 8th movie, because now the legend of Paul Walker can continue through the next movies, and all the Paul Walker lovers can still feel like he is still alive today. How do you guys feel about the possibility of an 8th Fast and Furious movie? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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