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Steve Johnson

1 month ago I embarked on my first real youtube video, so I thought I'd come here to share the behind the scenes story of this parody.

This project is a month in the making. OrbitalBacon provides the voice of Ultron.

I tried to time the video's release to coincide with the release of the new Netflix series, Daredevil.

Let me walk you through the process...

Writing the lyrics.

I looked to my friend and fellow comic book aficionado, The Gaming King to help my write the song.

The Search for Ultron

It started with sifting through youtube, looking for the perfect voice actor to give Ultron some life, as obviously I couldn't get ahold of James Spader. This was of course after hours of me messing around with most likely illegally downloaded audio software, making myself sound like a drunk Darth Vader.

Nope. Not a tease. Nope. No. Nada. Nuuu. NOOOOOOO!!Ok, maybe it's a tease...
Nope. Not a tease. Nope. No. Nada. Nuuu. NOOOOOOO!!Ok, maybe it's a tease...


Ah yes. My absolute favorite most easy and wonderful part!

This was just a lot of clicking and dragging. Hours. Of. Clicking and dragging.

The Publishing

This was probably the most exciting day. After a month of hard working with my colleagues (man, I feel fancy saying that.) I put the finishing touches on the video, and clicked the upload button.

After about an hour or two of rendering, it was up, and that's when it begun...

The Rush to Promote the Video

I began tweeting, facebooking, google plussing (is that a word?) redditing, every-form-of-social-media-you-can-think-of-ing.

I hope soon, that I can begin production on another parody.


What parody should be written next?


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