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He's a mean motherfuck*r!
Fluffy Duckerman

People had doubts, they weren't ready to accept a film about a man transforming into a tiny ant. I told you this film was going to be amazing and look at it! Look at it! Every single doubt people has had about this film should be destroyed the time the trailer ends. It is amazing!

This trailer has the perfect mix of bad-assery and comedy. The narration seems to feature Hank Pym and the film's main antagonist, Darren Cross arguing with each other. Darren seems pissed that Hank has been hiding the suit from him and is going to destroy everything he cares about. A little extreme for a guy whose purpose is to run a rival business but okey dokey.

Scott: My days of breaking into a places and stealing stuff are over. What do you want me to do?
Hank: I want you to break into a place and steal some stuff.
Scott: Makes sense.

I knew that a lot of the humour in this film would be improvised but that concept had not fully processed me until I heard those lines. This movie is meant to be funny, I mean funnier than Guardians Of The Galaxy. Just imagine a two hour long sketch about a man transforming into the size of ant and stealing stuff.

Hope: When you're small, you have super-human strength, you're like a bullet. So you need to know how to punch.
Scott: You want to show me how to punch? Show me how to punch.
(Sucker punched to the face!)
Hope: That's how you punch.

This is improvised humour will clearly not be limited to just Scott and Hank, but for all the other characters. I'm curious what Michael Peña does with his role as Luis. I quite liked him in Tower Heist so he should feel right at home.

Darren: Did you think you could stop the future? You're just thief!
Scott: No, I'm Ant-Man. I know, wasn't my idea.

The climax of this trailer is Ant-Man versus Yellowjacket and I must say, this is probably going to be a better fight than Hulk Versus The Hulkbuster. Just saying it might be. You have the two changing sizes with Scott running around as Darren fires lasers at him. It's clear that Darren is pissed so I get the feeling that Scott has basically ruined his career at Pym Technologies by now.

Choo choo motherf*cker!
Choo choo motherf*cker!

The battle seems to take place in Scott's daughter, Cassie's room. It's at the end of this trailer that perhaps the most beautiful thing ever happens. Darren finds himself face to face with a Thomas The Tank Engine. We don't see him get knocked over but we see Thomas fall off the track from a person's perspective in a way that proves this film will be amazing!

People are saying this shot shouldn't have been added into the trailer but I'm confident there will be more stuff like this and if they didn't, people would not be as excited for this film.

Am I now more hyped about this film than Age Of Ultron? I don't know really. I'm just glad I have something else to think about while I count down the last couple of days until Age Of Ultron. I had a feeling this film would be amazing and I am not disappointed.


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