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I know what you're thinking right now: have I completely lost my mind thinking of such an absurd theory?! I would first like to point out that this is not my theory it actually comes from The theory also doesn't sound as crazy as one might believe, because we all have to remember that this isn't the comics and [DC](channel:932255) loves to have things a little more grounded. I think this is a pretty neat theory that connects and wraps up nicely. If you'd like a full explanation behind this check out the Nerdist video below!

What do you guys think about this? I personally love it. I think that DC wanting to keep themselves grounded would make sense with wanting all of these mythological beings be from one place. It might upset many, but in the end... we will accept it. This, of course, means that Kryptonians over millions of years built these different civilizations. Of course the first being Atlantis, built way back before even the dinosaurs were around.

Then maybe there was this big revolution that cast some of the females away and was the start of Themyscira a couple of years later. These two civilizations were kept secret of course, and they ultimately fell due to different circumstances.

This left Aquaman and [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) as lone survivors or maybe with a couple of others roaming the Earth or the seas until one faithful event. I'm talking about Zod's arrival to Earth that not only revealed we were not alone in space but that there were alien forms already on Earth. It'd be safe to say that Aquaman and Wonder Woman were somewhere watching this all unfold and are sure to want more answers from Kal.

It's super unlikely... but the possibilities are endless as to how DC will keep their characters more grounded and grittier than [Marvel](channel:932254) has been doing. What do you think though about this theory?

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Are Wonder Woman And Aquaman Kryptonians?


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