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I've watched this young lady since her Attack of the Show days. With Kevin Portuguese Peoria... Perria.. Meh he isn't the focus of this fanboy lip service.

The pictured Asian American wonder known as Olivia "Jump in pie" Munn is. She was in the Iron Man movies. Which gave hope she would be a player in the MCU. And it took a while and now she's pegged (he he) to play the might Psylocke. Who Psonic blade turned Sabertooth and Wolverine into mindless beasts. Who loving calmed the Angel of death know as Archangel aka Warren Worthington III. who is also in Apocalypse.

Hopefully she will play Warrens Love. Though these X series take other paths to tell the tale, she might end up hunting down Warren for an X group or the Government. She is a badass Ninja. And sexy to add the Cherry on the package of deadly skills and looks.

Though I wouldn't have guessed Olivia to play Psylocke based on her G4 days.

Congratulations Ms Munn! ... And if you need help with any "souvenirs" ...


Bring back Olivia Munn Pie Day?!


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