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It's official, Sarah Paulson is the latest of the American Horror Story alumni that has been announced to return for the fifth season of Ryan Muprhy's FX's horror series!

The baddest bad girl of them all? Sounds like the perfect role for the actress who can play just about anyone in Murphy's scary universe.

If she can master the two-headed Bette and Dot, I think she can handle anything Murphy throws at her.

Paulson will be joining other familiar faces to check into the American Horror Story: Hotel, including: Kathy Bates (Coven, Freak Show), Chloë Sevigny (Asylum), Wes Bentley (Freak Show), Matt Bomer (Freak Show), and newcomers Lady Gaga and Cheyenne Jackson.

While I'm overjoyed to hear that Paulson will be returning, I'm still wondering which of my favorite members of the huge ensemble cast will be returning for another go!

Since we know getting the inimitable Jessica Lange is out of the question, here are my top five choices for actors I still hope will be checking in alongside Paulson:

1. Evan Peters

Evan Peters has been playing fan favorite characters in American Horror Story since the show's first season in 2011. While Peters said at Paleyfest that he might not be returning for Hotel, but he didn't shut down the possibility of showing up in this or later seasons.

2. Frances Conroy

Like Evan Peters, Frances Conroy has already appeared in all four seasons of American Horror Story, so it would be a shame to see her leave the cast so soon. Her roles, both big and small, have always been wonderfully written and acted.

3. Dylan McDermott

I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss seeing Dylan McDermott on the most recent season of AHS. Although he only had a smaller role in Asylum, his role as Ben Harmon in Horror House was one of my all-time favorite characters. In both seasons he played someone extraordinarily flawed, yet sympathetic. Not an easy role to pull off!

4. Angela Bassett

Since Jessica Lange won't be returning, I've been thinking that Murphy has been positioning Angela Bassett to replace her as the tough-talking, no-nonsense character that his stories always include. That's not to say that Bassett isn't capable of more, but she certainly excels in being a badass.

5. Finn Wittrock

As one of the newest members of the [American Horror Story](series:206668) cast, now I can't imagine a season without our horrifying Dandy. Wittrock seemingly came out of nowhere and came out a star in an otherwise - in my opinion - lukewarm season. We need to see more of what Wittrock can do!


Which of these former cast members would you most like to see check into the Horror Hotel?

Are you ready for American Horror Story: Hotel?

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