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Lip syncing has been around as long as lyrical music. Whether or not a person can actually sing means nothing. People love imagining that they are performing. That is the fun of lip syncing. People do not have to be talented. They just have to believe in themselves and have some semblance of an imagination. Even those can be faked with alcohol. It is just a fun activity to do alone, with friends, at a party, or at a bar. That is why Spike may have just created a new craze.

Again, lip syncing has been around as long as lyrical music. The person responsible for its recent popularity though, is Jimmy Fallon. He has been championing lip sync battles for years on his late night shows. Spike deciding to take a chance on a longer version of the gag is genius. It has all of the makings for a big time program:

-It is reality television.

-It involves celebrities.

-It is a competition show.

-It involves music.

-It involves dancing.

-It makes for great YouTube clips:

-it could transform into a new age karaoke.

That last point could be the biggest thing Spike has going for it. While karaoke is still extremely popular, people hate karaoke when it involves bad singers. Nobody wants to hear a popular song butchered by someone with a bad voice. Lip syncing defeats that. People can enjoy the show and the music. Karaoke is a fun activity to do alone, with friends, at a party, or at a bar. It is old though. It is played out. Lip syncing has the potential to take its place. If Spike plays their cards right, they will have a hit series on their hands. They will have also created a new craze that lasts for decades if all goes according to plans.

I for one, am in. I am all in. I am buying Lip Sync Battle stock right now. Just watch Anne Hathaway vs. Emily Blunt: . That is must see television.

The success of Spike’s Lip Sync Battle will be based on what celebrities they can book and how much those celebrities buy into the lip syncing premise. If they do not get big name celebrities who buy into the product, the show could become niche programing a la @Midnight. I love @Midnight, but having no name comedians can only take a show so far. I want this to work. From the moment I saw Common vs. John Legend, I was excited. I want this show to succeed. Spike, please do not mess this up for me. I am addicted already. I need this!


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