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Could it be!? The latest Pixar Theory finds some evidence to suggest that Andy and Carl from Toy Story and Up respectively could be related!

As we all know, Pixar is famous for their Easter eggs and the tiniest of allusions to their other works... Well, in this video we take a look into a few hints that could suggest a familial relationship between two beloved Pixar Characters.

This theory starts with "Well Done" Easter eggs (Easter eggs we know to be connections between films) and may work it's way into some more speculative, over-easy grade Eggs.

What we absolutely know: Andy has received a post card from Ellie and Carl as seen on his bulletin board in

3. So we know that these characters are existing in the Pixar Universe during overlapping periods of time.

Next, theories suggest that Andy's mother could be none other than Emily (Jessie's original owner).

Both movies contain a tear-jerking montage that probably top most Pixar-fans most emotional moments (Jessie and Emily and Carl and Ellie), both of those montages also show the characters centered around a very distinctive tree on a hill.

Could that hill be a close family secret? Favorite day trip spot? Could it be... That Ellie and Emily... are Sisters?


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