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As the release of the highly anticipated nears, I cant help but wonder what kind of conflict we'll see leading towards [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) .Who will be on whose side? Who will survive? But the biggest question, who will appear? So these are my thoughts on who should appear in Marvels biggest Non-avengers film. Of course I will be leaving out Obvious suggestions such as Captain America,Black Panther and Iron Man Oh and my knowledge is a little rusty on Civil War but Ill do my best!


With the Netflix original series being a hit, there's no reason why he shouldn't appear. A lot of choices on this list will be made with this thought in mind-That there isn't that many characters in the MCU whos identity is a secret.So they really need to add some people to cause tension.I understand that [Daredevil](movie:47230) has a darker tone to him so I wouldn't mind a smaller on screen run time,However hes one of my favorite Defenders,and has been associated with the Avengers in the past so he definitely should make the cut

Peter Parker/Iron Spider

While Peter Parker has been confirmed,He hasn't been confirmed to have a major role,hes the most important character aside from Iron man and Captain America and I think I have the perfect idea for him.In Civil war (Comics) Spidermans Role is kind of like a middle ground between both sides.In case you are unfamiliar with Civil War Spider-Man initially was somewhat neutral in the situation until Iron man convinced him to reveal his Identity to the world.He was then given The "Iron Spider" suit,Made by Iron man for Peter.He then suffers the consequences of his enemies knowing his true identity and leaves Tony for Steve

This would be a great way to introduce the character of Peter Parker without having to show off a definitive costume.This way they can also explain how Spidey can have a expensive looking outfit.Its been confirmed that Peter will be 15/16 in Civil war and that doesn't really seem like a age where he could afford the needed materials to make the suit,Especially Peter Parker.

Chris Hemsworth may get to sit this one out
Chris Hemsworth may get to sit this one out


No, I think that after AOU he will return to Asgard and wont participate in Civil War I mean the whole point of Civil war is "Identity crisis" and he's pretty well known throughout the galaxy. "Son of Odin?Next in line to rule Asgard? Defeated a evil force that threatened multiple planets including Earth? I've never heard of him" He doesn't exactly have a earthly tone to him.Maybe as a appearance,but as a major role?No.

Bruce Banner

I think we'll definitely need Bruce in the movie,I think that after AOU Tony wont be the only one feeling regret but Bruce as well.If im correct both helped create Ultron in AOU so Bruce feels that Tony doesn't deserve all the hate. Also In AOU Hulks going to cause A LOT of destruction thus causing Bruce to feel responsible for Hulks actions and moving towards Tony's side.Plus they are the science bros. they cant be enemies .


Who do you want to see the most in Captain America 3?


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