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From the title of the show to the initial trailers, Fox promised a show about the last person on Earth (Phil Miller). Like many people, I believed I was going to be watching a series about a single human and his day to day activities as the last person on Earth. Why did Fox lie to its viewers than? Do not get me wrong, I like The Last Man on Earth, but I still feel slightly betrayed. If the show was bad, I might be rioting. Luckily, I get the show’s quirkiness. The silliness and goofiness of it all, appeals to me. I am still questioning the marketing though. I feel mislead by a show that did not need to be misleading. Just call the show “The Last People on Earth” if that is what it really is.

The first episode of the series, did what it promoted. It showed a single human going about his day to day activities as the last person on Earth. That was quickly abandoned. Episode two introduced another human, a female, Carol Pilbasian. A few episodes after that, yet another female was introduced, Melissa Shart. I still bought into the show’s premise up to this point though. I got it. It was not about the last human on Earth. It was about the last male on Earth. Nope! The show quickly introduced another male character, Todd. Now I felt tricked. Now I felt duped. In just a few episodes the show went from one male to two males and two females. What the hell Fox! You had an original concept and you blew it up. You showed some creativity and you crapped on it. Why?

With the latest episode in the books, the show now has even more cast members, two more females, Erica and Gail. There are currently four females and two males. The show had so much potential when it was just one human or just one male and a few females. Now I do not know what to make of it. I still enjoy it, but it could have been something special. Fox turned it into just another comedy show. There is nothing unique about The Last Man on Earth now. Fox screwed the pooch and lied to fans. I hope they correct their problem in the coming episodes. Kill off Todd or make everything that has happened have been a dream. Bring the show back to its one of a kind nature. Make the show about one man or one man and a bunch of females. You did tell us the show was going to be about The Last Man on Earth after all.


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