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With all the hype for the upcoming [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) (and for good reason), fans may have forgotten about our tiny insect hero for quite some time now. Afterall, [Ant-Man](movie:9048) will be released just a few months later and the marketing for the film is starting to heat up. Today, a brand new trailer has just been released to show our smallest hero take down some baddies while fighting the film's antagonist, Yellowjacket. If you haven’t already seen this amazing trailer, you can view it right here:

Most people were skeptical when word hit that Marvel would be creating an Ant-Man movie based off one of the more underrated superheroes and one of the founding Avengers. When the first teaser trailer was released audiences were not that impressed. While the tone looked very dark from the teaser, the newest trailer put some of those opinions to rest. I think we are all in for a fun adventure as we see our hero hanging out with his new six-legged friends. Here are “5 Things That Stood Out From the Newest Ant-Man Trailer.”

1. The Tone of the Film

Paul Rudd plays Scott Lang playing Ant-man
Paul Rudd plays Scott Lang playing Ant-man

Unfortunately, the first glimpse of Ant-Man did not satisfy most viewers. The film appeared to be way too grim, with showing a father trying to save his daughter from an illness. The only humor we had from that trailer was at the very end when Scott asked Hank if the name could be changed. Fans were also disappointed when they heard Edgar Wright had left due to “creative differences.” Well, rest assured because this trailer shows us all sorts of “fun” and what we can expect from this film.

Some of the humor in this trailer took place near the beginning when Hank tells Scott he wants him to break into a place and steal some stuff after Scott had just told him his days of burglary are over. Another great scene takes place between Hank's daughter Hope Van Dyne and Scott as he asks her the correct way to punch. Well, Hope gives him what he asked for!

Perhaps the greatest part of the whole trailer, and most certainly the funniest, takes place right at the end when we see Ant-Man and Yellowjacket fighting on top of a Thomas the Train set. The train ends up crashing right into Yellowjacket as we get a panoramic view from far away and shows us what the human eye would actually be watching. The scene makes for a great chuckle as we then see them throwing pieces of the train at each other.

Clearly this film knows how to use the humor correctly because having a guy shrink down to size, talk to ants, and have the same strength as a regular sized human sounds a bit ridiculous. However, it looks as though Marvel may have crafted another winner under their belts.

2. Scott Lang’s Strength and Speed

Size matters for Ant-man... sort of.
Size matters for Ant-man... sort of.

“Now this suit has power. You have to learn how to control it and these are your greatest allies (ants). When you're small, you have superhuman strength. You’re like a bullet.” Those were the words spoken by Hope Van Dyne informing him of the benefits of her father's former suit. Scott will have the strength of a normal sized human when he shrinks down to size which is a major perk the suit provides for him. He’s also very agile and can jump and climb to extreme lengths.

The visual effects of Scott donning the suit and shrinking down look amazing. But the money shot of the entire footage of the trailer was him climbing up on top of a gun and narrowly avoiding a bullet while sprinting his way across the barrel. The CGI for this film looks incredible and I cannot wait to see it fully complete when the film eventually comes out in theaters.

3. Hope Van Dyne Can Kick Some Serious A**

Could we see the Wasp make her mark?
Could we see the Wasp make her mark?

The daughter of Hank Pym packs a mean punch, as we saw in the trailer. It looks as though she’s been training for a while but for what purpose? Perhaps we will find out in the film, as most of us have speculated that she will probably become a version of the Wasp. However, not much has been revealed about her character thus far. We do know that she will be assisting Scott on the mission that he was sent on by her father. We see her talking to him through some sort of communication device that allows him to hear her even when he shrinks down to size.

I wrote an article months ago on my belief that the Wasp will eventually show up in the film. You can view that article right here. Do YOU think she will make her debut in this film?

4. Let There Be Ants! (LOTS OF ANTS)

MCU include The Avengers, Guardians, and ants...
MCU include The Avengers, Guardians, and ants...

This is why he’s referred to as Ant-Man! Not only can he shrink down, has superhuman strength and speed, but of course he can also communicate with ants. This trailer gives us more shots of ants, including the scene where Scott kneels down to say hello to his little friends (well, they’re not little anymore). We then see him scamper out of the ant hole with all of his buddies as they head to some obscure place.

Unfortunately, we don’t know the use for these insects yet in the film and frankly I don’t want to know. I wish to be surprised when I see the film. I have no doubt that they will play a pivotal role in helping Scott take down Yellowjacket. This is one aspect Darren Cross does not have and that is communicating with ants. I am sure this will certainly come in handy for Scott.

5. A Formidable Villain

How is Yellowjacket not bee-themed?
How is Yellowjacket not bee-themed?

As most of us can agree on with the exception of Loki (and most likely Ultron), Marvel has not delivered too many memorable villains. However, with the likes of Ultron and Darren Cross a.k.a. Yellowjacket, it looks as though Marvel has finally learned their lesson. Darren Cross is a villain who has a very similar attitude when it comes to power. Obadiah Stane in 2008’s Iron-Man wanted Tony Stark's suit of armor. Emil Blonsky from The Incredible Hulk wanted Banner’s blood injected inside of him so could become an “Abomination” and have more power. Even Aldrich Killian from Iron-Man 3 desired to have a serum inside of his frame which would allow him to regenerate any part of his body when needed. Do you see where I’m going with this? What is with these villains always wanting control of everything?

With another villain script that we’ve seen before in past films: Norman Osborne from Spider-Man and Doctor Doom from Fantastic Four: Bad guy rules a company then does everything in his power to get what he wants for obviously his own benefit.

Even though this looks like it may be another carbon copy story from another superhero film, I don’t think anyone can deny the look of Yellowjacket’s costume. It looks awesome! Corey Stoll also appears to play a very menacing role and should not disappoint.

I believe we are in for a fun and wild ride watching these two duke it out on top of a mesmerizing Thomas the Train engine. We still have Avengers: Age of Ultron to look forward to, but July 17 however is just around the corner...

So what do YOU think of the latest Ant-Man trailer? What were some of the things that stood out to you? Please share your thoughts and comment below!

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