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I was doing my usual movie news search for my next article and I came across one talking about the MCU having animated tie-ins, immediately after reading the title I clicked on it to see if I was being Rick rolled or something. Seriously Marvel? Do you really need an animated series in the MCU it is my understanding that Marvel still owns all the writes for hero in an animated film or TV series well Disney does anyway.


Here is a few reasons why it won't work

1. Marvel sucks at animated stuff

Okay they have done a few good things with their animated series (Ultimate Spiderman, SHS and a few others) but EVERYBODY finds it hard to sit through a animated Marvel movie and with good reason too

2. They have planned so many more characters what more could they want?

With Phase 2 of the films finishing this year and three TV shows up and running (Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter and [Daredevil](movie:47230)) they already have an extensive universe with more joining as Phase 3 commences how many more characters can they possibly introduce? I know there is an extensive amount of characters but they have to run out of ideas eventually.

3. Everything else is in live action

How can you explain that an animated series and a live action movie or tv series all exist in the same universe? This universe is getting confusing for people who don't follow it closely imagine how much more confusing it might get

4. Overcrowding

I never thought I would say this but it will be a significant issue if this animation series goes ahead, as mentioned before Marvel owns the animation rights to every single character in the Marvel universe which means they can bring in who they want when they want.

5. Clashing with other universes

You can make as many animated movies as you want with Deadpool and the X-men and the Fantastic Four in their own universes, but you make them part of your universe in an animated sense (it's bound to happen) you're going to start pissing off a lot of other companies, Fox has this universe happening with all of the characters they have bought from Marvel, in my opinion Marvel cannot bring anymore characters from their catalogue because then it starts to get boring and repetitive so they will have to call on characters like Wolverine and Deadpool and that will just cause all sorts of problems among different companies

Anyway guys this is just speculating from what i read Marvel is looking into it. If you have your own opinion on the animated world joining the Marvel Cinematic universe put in the comments I'd love to hear your take on it

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