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WARNING! This article contains serious quantities of awesome! If you're allergic to awesomeness, please stop reading now.

Still here? GREAT!

When my buddy asked me...

Hey Jim, why are you writing an article about fist bumps?

I replied with...

Because I can, and no one will be able to stop me!

I then let out a devilish evil laugh. DONT YOU JUDGE ME!

We live in a world of awesome stuff! Sometimes, the only way to express said awesomeness is via fist to fist contact. Abruptly, firmly, and in such a format that is considered badass. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you some of the most awesomely epic fist bumps in movies and TV today!

Firstly...heres a few runner ups...

Michael and Andy from the Office!

The McPoyle brothers from Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia!

Cartman and Token in South Park!

7. Barney Stinson Fist Bumps (HIMYM)

Barney Stinson in general can be categorized as awesome. Id even go as far as to say he's LEGEN...wait for it...

I mean lets be real, How I Met Your Mother had its flaws, but Barney Stinson as a character was certainly not one of them. #5 on my list of best fist bumps goes to Barney Stinson, not for any specific fist bump, but just in general because each and every of his fist bumps were amazing.

...DARY! (insert "I see what you did there" meme here ;P)

6. Batman and Superman in The Dark Knight Returns: Part 2

How much more badass can you be then Batman wearing a robotic suit of armor fighting Superman in a battle to the death?

Now of course, they are actually fighting. This is no friendly bro-fist! Nevertheless, its as badass as they come! Maybe we'll get a similar bro-fist moment in Batman v Superman???? Here's hoping!

5. Top Shelf from Wreck it Ralph

A villain becoming a hero is a pretty badass thing to do! Wreck it Ralph is a story of exactly that. A villain who wants to be good, and to realize his true potential, rises to the occasion and saves the day. Id say that deserves a fist bump, don't you?

Ralph certainly has some massive hands for extra awesome pounds, ammirite?

4. Hellboy in Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Ron Perlman is awesome. Hellboy is awesome. Greatness occurs when you combine the two into one and makes two movies where all I want to see is more Ron Perlman as Hellboy! Now, Hellboy has this temper... and a mean right cross!

Maybe that right cross has something to do with that unbreakable demon stone hand that can punch through just about anything? Yeah its probably that. Unluckily for this random monster, Hellboys unbreakable right hand is more unbreakable than his unbreakable right hand.

Ouch....that looks like it hurts almost as much as knowing the fact that we'll probably never get a Hellboy 3!

3. Balalalalala from Baymax in Big Hero 6

Another animated film bringing us the awesomeness! Baymax is an inflatable android designed to be a doctor/nurse/everyday helper of sorts, but is given big upgrades and is taught to fight! One thing he wasn't programmed with, was FIST BUMPS!

Luckily, he learned that all on his own!


2. Shake 'N Bake from Talladega Nights

There are few people who don't know this reference to one of the funniest Will Ferrell movies ever. Ricky Bobby and Cal Naughton Jr are best buds all their lives. They're one of the most dynamic duos the Nascar world has ever seen, and for good reason!

Yup, that pretty much explains it all.


1. Iron Man Fist Bumps

This ones a two parter, since there was simply too much awesome to be awesomed into just one awesome.

The first part comes to us from the latest Avengers Age of Ultron clip, featuring the Hulk and Tony Stark in the massive new Hulkbuster armor! Check out the brand new clip here...


Seriously though, OMG that was great! Im so psyched for Age of Ultron, and this fight looks exceptionally incredible. But did you catch that epic bro-fist at the end!!?? HERES ANOTHER LOOK!


Though this next clip isn't exactly creating shockwaves from the fist bump due to sheer force, there are shockwaves you cant see. You know they're there though, because they hit you right in the feels.

Remember when Robert Downey Jr went out of his way to gift a bionic arm to a kid in need? Well I sure do. Robert partnered with Albert Manero, whose company builds and prints, on a 3D printer, low-cost bionic limbs for children around the world. Robert took on his Tony Stark persona to give the ultimate gift to this young boy in need of a new arm.

The boys name is Alex, and new arm looks like something directly from Stark's lab, even down to the Iron Man color scheme. Now Alex can be his own super hero. Its good deeds like this that really make a difference on the world, and shows all of us that true heroes can, and do, exist.

And that sounds pretty awesome to me...

Know of any other epic fist bumps?? POST THEM IN THE COMMENTS!!!

Or don't...Im not in charge of your life. Do what you want okay?

You're awesome either way! ;)


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