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Hefina: [laughing while holding a dildo in one hand and a gay magazine in the other] "Jesus God that takes me back!"

Pride takes place in the summer of 1984, the UK National Union of Mineworkers began a lengthy strike. During this trying period, they are given an unexpected boost from gay and lesbian activists as well.

"Uplifting, inspiring and heart hitting". - From all the critics reviews. All those Quotes you see there is all from the critic who reviewed this picture, and I can see what there saying but I'm sorry but "Inspiring and heart hitting", those are so cliche for critics to say and to be honest I didn't really feet inspired or over the moon with this movie, now don't get me wrong I thought this was a good movie, it really is, but I don't think it's flawless as critic's are making it out to be. It's a simply movie about Pride and respect and I like those kind of films, like the 2008 film staring Sean Penn (Milk) The film heart is in the right place and I got to say that this movie get's it's message across without shoving it into your face like other movies that fail to do that so well done Pride.

The performance from everyone was pretty good, nobody did a crap performance, there where all good. The story in this is really interesting and I always like those kind of true stories movies where afterwards I can look up to see the real person and read more about them, I always look forward to that. The directing and the writing was all good.

Now for Flaws and they's only some like: I didn't really get that fist in the high feeling that most people said I will get, yeah the movie left me feeling good inside but to be honest I didn't really feel that [Hands in the air] "YEAH! that's so good stuff", feeling.

I'm glad the movie Pride was made. I may not felt super inspirited after the movie but doesn't mean you will. I say go watch this movie, it's well done.


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