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Chris Rock taking on the directors chair... should be interesting.

The story is about a comedian is looking to ditch his funny-guy image in order to make a go at becoming a serious actor. Things are complicated when his reality-star wife decides the best place for their upcoming wedding it on her TV show.

Actors taking on the directors chair isn't all that new. We seen many actors direct a movie that normally can turn out great or turn out bad. Like for example Ben Affleck when he did Argo, Gone Baby Gone and The Town which by the way where great movies. And you also get by actors who failed misery like Angelina Jolie with In the Land of Blood and Honey. And Top Five isn't bad but I didn't really enjoy the movie that much to be honest.

Let's start of with the positive: Chris Rock directed this movie pretty good. I can tell he directed the hell out of this movie and it dose show and I can safely say that he did great and I would love to see him director other movies in the future. He also wrote the film as well and they was some really funny parts and they where also other parts where the writing felt a bit off for me. All the cast do fine and Chris Rock did fine too.

Now for the things that I didn't like at all: For a comedy movie I laugh about four times and that's really it. The movie didn't really do it for me. Now just because I said it didn't do it for me, doesn't mean it might on you. I get the films message about how celebrities not getting the full respect and being treated like gods but their only human, yeah yeah yeah, I get it, good message through. I tried to like this movie I really did, but I just didn't do it for. But hey who knows, you may like it more than I did (or in joy it I mean)

Overall Top Five has I said before isn't bad, it's just "eh". And I bet this movie isn't going to be brought up again in the late future, I might be wrong but we will wait and see.


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