ByMatthew Luke Brady, writer at
Hi my name is Matthew Brady and I'm a movie reviewer.

Thank god this movie flopped at the box office, because this is just romance porn all over it.

The story is about a couple who were once an item in high school find themselves meeting back up after each returns to their small home town.

It took me a while to sit through this movie and boy did it take a while. But after seeing it... I want my time back, because this is one of the worst romance movies I've seen this year. You know those really bad cliche romance movies with no excitement just boring and uninspiring story that's been done a thousand times, well this movie takes the cake from being the worse of the worse. Name every bad romance cliche that you could think of right now, well it's all in this crappy movie.

Some of the acting in this movie is so bland and so forgettable. The story in this is so dull and so uninspiring; and the story itself has been done before loads of times in other bad romance movies. Every minute of this movie feels like a punch to the face to the movie lovers. Soon after I finished this review, after I click enter I'm going to forget the all film in one click of a button.

The only good thing this movie was Michelle Monaghan, and that's it; the movie blows.


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