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Star Trek 3 is picking up new passengers in its voyage to the movie screens in 2016. There was the recent news of Idris Elba coming on board and though many were quick to speculate that he'd be a prefect choice to play an intense, menacing Klingon commander, Star Trek 3 writer and Scotty himself, Simon Pegg was quick to try and scuttle those rumors.

Sofia Boutella Confirmed for Star Trek 3

And just this past week we have another cast member - this one officially confirmed - with Kingsman: The Secret Service actress Sofia Boutella joining Star Trek 3 in a "lead role". It's easy to think of Idris Elba stepping into the role of the main villain in Star Trek 3, but it's less obvious what role exactly Sofia Boutella will be taking in the upcoming movie.

The actress played the scene stealing role of Gazelle in Kingsman and her impression in that movie has found her star rising to the even more high profile role Star Trek 3. As a henchman (henchwoman?) to Samuel L. Jackson's villainous Valentine, Gazelle had blades attached to her amputated legs making her a very lethal opponent indeed.

Sofia Boutella as Gazelle in Kingsman.
Sofia Boutella as Gazelle in Kingsman.

It would certainly make sense that Sofia Boutella is getting cast in Star Trek 3 as a way to continue showing off her athletic and fighting skills and it's not hard to picture her as another badass villain, perhaps even as another butt kicking enforcer - this time for Idris Elba instead of Samuel L. Jackson.

Kingsman & Monsters: Dark Continent Actress

Sofia Boutella is also starring in another geek friendly movie with Monsters: Dark Continent, the sequel to Gareth Edwards impressive debut feature Monsters. This sequel is jumping ten years forward and taking the military point of view on how the world is dealing with the Infected Zones. You can see her popping up briefly in the trailer for the movie - which is making it's debut Stateside this Friday.

There were some more announcements on the technical side of Star Trek 3 this past week as well. We know Fast & Furious director Justin Lin is taking over the directing duties for Star Trek 3 and it might be expected that he'd be bringing along some of his familiar crew with him as well.

New Crew For Star Trek 3

Joining Justin Lin in the production department is costume designer Sanja Hays and cinematographer Stephen F. Windon - both are indeed veterans from the Fast & Furious franchise. They're replacing folks who worked on both of the previous two Star Trek movies so we might be in for a new look in the next Star Trek movie.

Hays did work on Star Trek: Insurrection so she does have some previous Star Trek work on her resume but cinematographer Stephen F. Windon, aside from the Fast & Furious movies, is also known for his work on war movies like The Patriot and the HBO series The Pacific. It'll be interesting to see how his eye will take to the world of Star Trek and if we'll be seeing any sort of departure in Star Trek 3 from the visual, and lens flare happy, style that JJ Abrams has established.

What do you think? Is Sofia Boutella a great choice to join [Star Trek 3](movie:817262)? Will she be a villain or a new member of the Enterprise crew? Take to the comments, dear reader!


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