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(Warning: If you're not fully caught up on Daredevil, then thar be plentiful SPOILERS below...)

There's a lot to love about Netflix releasing Daredevil, the company's latest bid for complete and utter televisual domination, all in one go. It enables immediate binge-watching, eliminating that pesky 'waiting for three months to see how the show ends' element of the whole operation, which in turn opens up a whole world of 'doing other things with your evenings this summer.'

The down side, though, is that now that we've watched the whole damned thing in a matter of hours (and if you haven't, I'd go do that now. We'll wait) we have a really, really long time to wait until we get to see any more of the character's we've learned to love's adventures.

No...wait...Damn it...
No...wait...Damn it...

Sure, we've got Jessica Jones to look forward to later this year, and Luke Cage and Iron Fist both likely coming in 2016, but that's not enough. We need more Daredevil, and we need it now...and yet, we may well not get it for a while. After all, there's every reason to believe that the earliest available slot for the show would come in late 2017, after The Defenders brings all the heroes together.

While we wait, then, it seems it's about time to start taking a look at what we can expect to see in Season 2, when it (eventually) arrives.

First up:

Wilson and Vanessa

The first season of Daredevil may have taken Wilson and Vanessa's relationship all the way from strangers to future man and wife, but you get the feeling that there's still a whole lot of story to tell for the pair. After all, someone's going to have to break Wilson out of prison - and something tells me it's going to be Vanessa. Her comic book counterpart does, after all, have a history of trying to save her husband's bacon...

Elektra and Bullseye

Arguably the two most iconic non-Matt Murdock-based characters in Daredevil history, Elektra and Bullseye missed out on Season 1, presumably in part because of lingering concerns regarding the reception of the Ben Affleck-starring movie, which put the pair front and center.

Season 2, on the other hand, may well prove the perfect place to finally bring Matt Murdock's other great love (sorry, Karen) back to the screen - and the man who (temporarily at least) kills her, too.

The Enforcers

Among the more practical - and therefore easily translatable to the screen - of Daredevil's past comic book villains, The Enforcers are principally enemies of Spider-Man, but their slightly tongue-in-cheek sensibility may well lend itself better to TV than the forthcoming Spider-Man reboot.

Usually made up of three colorful characters - Fancy Dan, Ox and Montana - The Enforcers aren't the most formidable foes, but they'd certainly make for a good gang for DD to tackle, early in Season 2.

Typhoid Mary

A long time enemy - and occasional love - of Daredevil's, Mary is one of the Marvel universe's more seriously mentally disturbed supervillains, which, combined with her having the power to set people on fire with her mind, makes for a dangerous combination.

Could she be a natural introduction of 'Inhuman' powers to the Netflix side of the MCU, perhaps?


One of the more ridiculous - but beloved - villains in Marvel history, Stilt-Man may not seem the most obvious candidate for as serious a show as Daredevil. Then again, though, his indestructible armor - and, crucially, its extendable legs - have already Daredevil..., honestly, who knows?

The Owl

The Owl, meanwhile, may seem to have missed his chance to make it to the screen, with his comic book counterpart, Leland Owlsley, having fallen afoul of The Kingpin towards the end of Season 1.

That being said, though, Owlsley did make a point of repeatedly mentioning his son Lee. Who, presumably, just came into a lot of money.

Leland 'Lee' Owlsley, Jr might just be set to play a big part in Daredevil's future, methinks...

What do you reckon, though?


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